Friday, May 15, 2009

playing a little creative catch up!

So I haven't posted anything scrappy in a while, mostly because me scrappy stuff has been all packed up! Here are a few things I've done lately - in the last few months atleast - and then my mom's Mother's Day present is last:

I did these three for a DT Call but didn't make it (wish my luck on reapplying). I have a thing for Irish stuff (thanks Michelle hee hee) so when I saw this paper - I had to have it. It's not my usually thing, but I liked it!! I hand stitched my four leaf clover - that was a first for me, and now I love handstitching on pages!!

This was inspired by a series we were doing at church. You can turn the heart and the quote in the circle changes.

And Cole loves Spongebob and there's a silly song "Goofy Goober" and that was perfect for these goofy pictures!

Now on to the Mother's Day present:

Those are a just a few of the pages. I got this idea from the Bind-it-all blog a while back. I just used a variety of pictures of Cole through the years and even left a few spots to add some photos as we take more. My mom liked it (I hope, a lot) and had it out on her coffee table!

I'm hoping to make another one soon just for me. Oh, I also made one for Brittney's Silent Auction at Wishful Thinking. So, I really have enjoyed this fun little project!

Okay - That's more than I've had to share in forever, it seems. I've been working every day and have still been creating, just not blogging about it. Sorry about that. Moving into a new house is a lot of work, too. Speaking of work - I have a job interview Monday!! Please say a prayer that this is the job for me. There are four people interviewing. This position would mean so much to us - Cole would not have to move to another school. I would be employed!!! I mean, it would be a great thing - for sure!!

Okay, more posts coming soon - I'm hoping to catch up over the weekend. I'm hanging with some girlfriends tonight doing the girlie thing and will probably be around the house the rest of the weekend - I heard it was going to be rainy all weekend so that sounds like a good time to catch up here!! Pending posts - Kenny Chesney concert (hello - it was amazing as always), my fave store closing (aw, goodbye Scrap Etc.), Wishful Thinking pictures, and school stuff - a little about me and a little about Cole.

Stay tuned for more...............



Michelle said...

Such cute, cute stuff.

And I have to say that I am really sad too. You have talked and talked about your scrapbook store for 2 years and I was so excited about it. And now I am home and they are closing. :(

Anonymous said...

great pages! love the mother's day present.


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