Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter - a couple of days late

Okay, I'm playing catch up here! Easter was wonderful. We had a great day at my mom's - just hanging out with the family, eating too much food, doing a scavenger hunt and later giving a tour of our house and then we ended up at Church of the Highlands for a wonderful Easter service! It was really great. We also picked up Arise - the live CD of Highlands Worship music. I popped it in the CD player as soon as we got in the car after church last night!

Cole and the older cousins had a fun scavenger hunt that my mom did - Cole liked that he didn't have to hunt eggs! Silly boy! I always loved finding the eggs. I remember being ready for church, as a kid, and my brother hiding eggs for me in the den, downstairs - waiting for mom and dad to be ready! Good memories. But not for Cole - but he loved the scavenger hunt - I was surprised. It helped that there were M&M's in his prize, along with some gold coins!! But to top it off - his clues were tagged with a red tag - and you know, red is his favorite color! Grammy knew what she was doing - that's for sure.

So here's Cole on Easter morning: (excuse the bed head lol)

Getting ready for the HUNT:

The hunt is over - here's the prize!!

Tried to get a shot of Cole dressed cute for church - this is the best he would allow!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and remembered why we celebrate!!


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Scrappinwendi said...

Sounds like a fun day was had by all. I love the photo of Cole and his bunny, such a sweet boy.


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