Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kenny Chesney?????

Is it possible that he can win again and be the Entertainer of the Year for a fourth time?

Oh I hope so.

So, sit here with me while I wait to see - it'll only be another few minutes - ok, more like seconds................................................

Kenny Wins again!!

Oh what a relief. You know it's his fourth time and the only other artist to do that is Garth Brooks, I believe. (He just told Shania Twain that she 'looks really good') Ok, so I just checked and no one else, besides Garth, has done it. No one has one more than four times. AMAZING.

He's thanking everyone in the world - well, except me. Wouldn't that be nice - net time when he wins, I hope he'll thank his biggest fan!!!

wow, i'm sleepy and only made it this late for Kenny!

later, lisa

1 comment:

erin said...

hi lisa!
i met you at scrap etc, we've chatted on sis about kenny. gotta love that sexy man!
i'm on the west coast, and am taking a scrappin break. so didn't know he won.


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