Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What happened to Tidbit Tuesday?

I forgot to post my tidbits yesterday!! And I can't find a good word that starts with a W that I can attach to Wednesday that would lend itself to an interesting blog post. RATS!!

So, I guess I'll just ramble aimlessly, instead.

First - I did NOT get to vote yesterday. Total bummer. I mailed in our change of address at the same time - one for me, one for Jason. He made the list, I didn't. He didn't even get a chance to go vote and I wanted to. Crazy, huh?

Second, I went and hung out at the scrapbook store a little while. Jason likes to call it my second home. Although from time to time he asks if I'm sure it's not my FIRST home. Crazy!! Anyway, spent some time cutting out some stuff for a class this weekend at Wrapper's Delight. I'm taking Vanessa's class and cannot wait. I wanted to take it on Friday simply because I couldn't stand the thought of waiting until Saturday. Cutting the stuff out just made me want it to get here even faster. I love Christmas and as soon as November hits, I'm ready for the tree to be out, the decorations up!! I LOVE IT. Years of retail spoiled me for a while in a few ways. First - the trees are up early - like September. I used to help decorate the trees at McRae's in Mobile. That was something I always looked forward to even though we had to put about a gajillion lights on the trees first and my hands and arms would be in such bad shape by the end. So - it was a double edged sword. I loved that side of it - but being surrounded by grouchy shoppers during that season can wear on you. I worked in gift wrap for a few of those Christmas's and good grief people can be grouchy!! But I still loved making their presents look great. Anyway, since I haven't worked retail in many years, I enjoy Christmas more now - but still want my decorations up early. Every year, Jason tries to convince me that we need to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree. Every year, the tree is up before Thanksgiving - thank you very much!! :)

So what fun it'll be this weekend to be surrounded by Christmas music and Christmas inspiration for two whole days!! Now, if only I could manage to get to Christmas Village tomorrow - I'd probably go into Christmas coma or something. :)

Cole is asking me everyday how many minutes it is 'til Christmas. I have to remind him that we don't count the minutes, just the days! So as of today - it's 50!

Cole started Karate again last night. He did a fabulous job!! He really enjoyed it and could do most everything right away. I know he'll struggle a little remembering the terminology because it's so different from the karate he's taken before - but I think he'll catch on pretty quickly.

I have about a million projects in my head right now and I'm hoping I can get a few of them out on paper soon and play with some of my product I've been holding on to. I can't wait to get some scrapping done this weekend, too!!

Well, I guess that's enough randomness from me today.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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