Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend update!!

I love that we get to see a whole 30 minutes of Weekend Update now on Thursday nights. Funny Stuff!! I've already set the DVR to record the Election special of SNL tonight. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow!! We got a post card to tell us where Jason votes, but not me - I hope it comes tomorrow. I mailed them together, so I'm assuming BOTH of us can vote. We waited until the very last minute to mail our change of address. YIKES. I noticed lots and lots of signs today up in people's yards.

Now on to the weekend update. Jason had class Saturday and was gone all day. We didn't get to watch the game, but I kept up with it online and listened to a bit of it on the radio. We just hung out at home Saturday night and watched more football and some of our DVR'ed stuff from last week. We were talking about our plans for Sunday and decided we were going to do something fun since Jason was taking the day off from homework and football. We ended up doing this:

We took Cole to watch Disney on Ice. We've been once before - just me and Jason. He doesn't remember going, but we did. It was the Princess Disney on Ice. Anyway, this was fun - it was the Incredibles visit Disneyland. Fun stuff!! Made us really want to pack up and head to Orlando. We're going in 43 days. I can't wait. Cole still doesn't know - but he keeps talking about going. So maybe he's been paying more attention to us that I thought!!

I've got a cold - again - and it's killing me. My throat just hurts. I'm taking Dayquil and it makes me so thirsty!! I spent the day today just playing with a few things I've been working on. I can't show you one - because it's a fantastic gift (I hope) for my Secret Sister at Wrapper's Delight this weekend. I can show you this though:

We have a Countdown to Christmas calendar that I made a few years ago. It's ok, but Cole can't flip the numbers over and he loves to countdown the days. He asked me this morning how many days until Christmas and said 'Maybe we can get a calendar, Mom.' It's really too early to start a countdown so we'll have to wait until December first to use this one. But, at least he can turn it each day. I just need to find a good place to hang it where Cole can reach!! I think I need to go back and make the 1 a different color - maybe RED. It's an odd number of days so the every other one thing didn't quite work out for me. I may have to change that tomorrow. Maybe I'll just add a colored border, or some bling - something to set it apart!! The top says "days 'til" and the bottom says "Christmas". I cut all the numbers, letters and circles with the Slice. It was so easy. I can't imagine how many sets of Thickers I would have needed to have enough numbers. But with the slice, all I needed was a piece of paper. :)
Well, dinner is cooking and Jason should be home soon! Hope your night is great. Hope you vote tomorrow, too!
Later, Lisa


Amy said...

I LOVE that advent calendar! I want to make one :)

g said...

What an awesome countdown calendar!! we love Disney on Ice too- the Incredibles go to Disneyland one is fun!! 8)


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