Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been tagged - again.

The lovely Virginia tagged me. She was tagged a few times and had to provide 6 weird things about herself. Well, I'm sure other people in my life could entertain you for hours with tales of weird things about me. I, however, may struggle to come up with something I haven't already told you. Let's see what I can come up with:

1) I love music - that's no secret - love to figure out the meaning of songs, what I think the lyrics really mean, what I think they may have really been talking about - not just what the words say. I can remember standing in MusicLand with Joe (remember him, Michelle?) and we were discussing The Cure - Mixed Up. We'd been playing it and trying to figure out what Picture of You really meant. We knew it wasn't just about some snapshots of some girl.

2) Since Music is the weird thing so far - let's have some more. During my dating years (way back then) I tended to pick up the current boyfriends musical taste and stick with it. Like groups I had never listened to before were suddenly my very favorite. Some examples - Metallica, Rush, The Smithereens, The Cure, Dangerous Toys (that was the only bad choice really) and then when Jason came along - he was a huge Jimmy Buffett fan and HEY - I already knew lots about Jimmy Buffett so it's like it was meant to be!!

3) More on the music - I can't sing. Can't carry a tune in a bucket!! Seriously!! I love to sing when the music is loud enough that you can't actually hear me. When it's not loud enough and I really want to sing - I whisper sing. Jason can't stand it. He makes fun of me. I'm singing along in a little whisper. He'll turn the radio down even more and say 'If you're gonna sing - just sing' :)

4) Have I told you that I can write upside down? Maybe, maybe not. I can. Only in a print though. Can't do cursive. It really isn't a talent that's needed. Although, when working on school work with Cole, I can sit across from him and write everything just fine. It started at Macaroni Grill and we were all writing on the table. Seems like the server writes their name and we were talking about how they do it upside down so you can see it. Anyway - I think Dad challenged me or something so then I sort of became obsessed with it. During my VERY boring Biology class at South - I sat through two Monday night classes and wrote the entire "Twas the Night Before Christmas" upside down. Both nights!!

5) What? The four I've already spilled don't make me weird enough?? I used to like squirrels - I mean in general - they were ok. I didn't try to run them over or anything like that. Our apartment in Mobile had squirrels in the attic and one weekend while we were visiting in B'ham the squirrel family tried to scratch their way into our bedroom. Thus began the hatred for squirrels. And I may have even accelerated when I saw one in the road. BUT now in our house - there's one little squirrel (I'm assuming it's the same one, but don't know for certain) hangs out on the deck almost every day. Picks at the same places on the deck - scratches at the same spots. I've taken it's picture twice - it's cute and I have no desire to run it over.

Okay - So I'm tagging Michelle and Carol. So if ya'll read this - you've been tagged!!

Later, Lisa


Anonymous said...

you really are weird... but you're the least weird in the whole family

but hey, I love you cause you're weird...(you got it from your mother)


Michelle said...

I'm still trying to think of my 6 weird traits, well, at least the ones I can post. LOL I'm promise, it will end up on the blog.


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