Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doing something nice feels great, doesn't it?

So I have a ton of blogs listed on my Bloglines page and check it often for updates. I'm addicted to reading other people's blogs. So I was reading Wilna's (she's going to be teaching a class at the Scrap Etc. Event in April). She had this request posted and wanted people to make cards for a friend of hers that has cancer. Well, that's something that really speaks out to me, for obvious reasons. So I'll be making a card, posting like Wilna suggests and asking anyone who may read this to do the same. So you can click on this picture at the bottom of the page and it will take you to Wilna's blog and the post all about this. Please consider it. I'm no card maker, but I can try. I know when Cole was sick he got lots of cards in the mail and it was always something the really cheered him up. He LOVED getting mail!! So - check it out and see what you think - see if you can find it in your heart to make something sweet for her!!


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Let me know how your trip went.



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