Tuesday, February 5, 2008

OUCH - the flu shot hurts

So Cole was snotty all weekend so we stayed in a lot. We missed church Sunday and school yesterday. I was thinking he could go back today but then the school nurse called and said someone in his class was diagnosed with the flu over the weekend. YUCK! I woke up Sunday morning with the bad feeling in the back of my throat - just sore and irritated so I though - NO we can't get sick before Cole's birthday. Let me recap the birthday disasters we've had:

1st b'day - just fine for the most part, he had a runny nose
2nd b'day - normal, everyone was well
3rd b'day - everyone was sick - at least all the Tanner's were - we all had the flew
4th b'day - in the hospital, little thing called a brain tumor and bacterial menegitis
5th b'day - me, jason, grammy and granddaddy spent the weekend spewing
6th b'day - PERFECT - no one was sick

So, you can see a healthy birthday isn't common for Cole - at least one where everyone involved is healthy!! So we called the pediatrician and asked for a call back and eventually called back because I'm a wee bit impatient. We got an appointment for today but by the evening he really seemed better. In the meantime Jason and I go to Bruno's and get a flu shot. My arm hurts - still, 24 hours later. Cole just has a cold - not the flu. His doctor totally understands my need to be the mom that brings him in just for a cold and totally knows she can write me a 'just in case' prescription and that's ok. So we have a prescription in case he develops a bad cough, body aches, or fever. Here's hoping I don't develop any of those things either or I'll have to go to the doctor too.

So it's back to school tomorrow and the car pool line will be so sad - Cole hates going back to school after missing a few days. I hate sending him but lets face it - he's got to go! Lots to learn!

You know my last post was a little sad about sweet Maddie and cancer and all those sad things. Sunday afternoon I found out my dad's boss had suffered a heart attach and died. He was only 55. No known heart condition. Very sad. One of his daughters is expecting too. I pray that the stress doesn't put her in danger. It's just so sad. This man and his daughters went to our church and I remember them always sitting together, in the same spot - for as long as I can remember. He's been a good friend to my Dad and I know he kept Cole in his prayers when he was going through treatment (and still now I'm sure). So now after you've said a prayer for Maddie, please pray for Johnny's family. I hope we can make it through the week with no additional prayer requests.

On to better things - I've finally got my scanner working. Linh asked what kind we got - it's an All in One Lexmark 4530. It's wireless - which freaks me out a bit. We can now print from our laptop - which is freaky when I'm sitting here on the desktop, Jason is down the hall on the laptop and something starts printing! Freaky!! But the good thing is it finally works wirelessly - at least on the laptop. I still can scan to the desktop - but that's ok - baby steps are good! I spent a good part of yesterday trying to get it to work and today it just did - miraculously!

So I have a ton of layouts scanned now and they are posted in my SIStv portfolio - I did 22 layouts at the retreat, so I'm not posting them all here - that would take forever!

And I'm so very thankful that blogger just saves your posts for you because I just lost everything in an attempt to make a link and good ol' blogger had already saved my draft, therefore saving me the frustration of having to type this all over again!!

So before anything else crazy happens here's a few photos of the day from the last week - I've been terrible about doing one a day but I'm going to make myself do it for the next week - in hopes of starting a habit! Ok, so I only had two to post and one is sideways. I will do better. I will do better. I will do better!!


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