Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will the craziness ever end?

So just when we thought everyone was good - feeling good, healthy again - or at least on the way to being healthy - Cole got sick last night. Poor guy threw up sometime during the night and either slept through it - or just pushed his gross covers out of the way and rolled over. He didn't cry for us, nothing - and he has always come to wake me up if something was wrong, or cried at least. And I always hear him. So, I feel terrible that I didn't hear him and don't have any idea if he just laid awak all night or what?? So I kept him home today and he missed his Valentine party. I'm the room mom so I had to email and make some arrangements to get some things taken care of. I waited until I was sure Cole wasn't going to spew again (are you ever sure though?) and we drove up to the school and I ran in the stuff for the party. This was around 9:15 or so and he's only been up since 6:30. He fell asleep in the car on the way home - he was really tired. He only slept a few minutes (maybe five) but that revived him. He got a little burst of energy there for a bit. We made a bed in the living room (we had an inflatable mattress from the weekend) and he snuggled in with about a gajillion stuffed animals and watched cartoons. He's eaten some goldfish, drank some watered down Sprite and now he's napping again. He's been asleep about an hour now I guess. So I really hope the rest will help him out!! Bless his heart!

So over at Scrap Etc. we've done a charm swap fro a bunch of us that are attending the event in April. Everyone is mailing their stuff to me and I'm dealing it all out and mailing them back. The charms are so very cute!! I made my bracelet today with the charms I've already received and it's too cute!! Here's a picture:

There are several charms there that I'm so envious of - things I don't know how to make. Most of them I think I could do - but some?? I'm clueless how they did it. So I hope they will all share once we get everything completed - that way I'll know their secrets!! HEE HEE

My dad emailed me earlier with good news. He had a paper rack built for me. It's wooden and will have wheels - he send me a picture of what it's modeled after, but I haven't seen it yet. Since he's been sick and Cole's sickly today we won't be seeing them tonight - but probaby this weekend. So I'll be doing some paper organizing soon!

On the work front, I may be taking a long term subbing job soon - it'll be for someone's maternity leave and for about two months. That will be wonderful. I would love to be able to depend on steady work. I have several dentist appointments though and those are going to have to change so I can work - Working is way more important!! Well, at least the money is to pay for the dental work. So it'll just go a little slower than originally planned. That's ok though. I hate going to the dentist anyway. The only good thing about the dentist is it is right next door to a scrapbook store - Scrapbook Mania - that always makes it a little nicer. Sometimes I don't go in because my mouth hurts too bad to be fixed with scrapping supplies, but most of the time paper is purchased!!

Well, i'm going to check on Cole, he's been napping long enough I think - or we'll be up all night long!!



Linh C. said...

Sorry to hear Cole's sick again. We're keeping our fingers crossed (and hands sanitized!) that no one gets sick. The charm bracelet is so cute. Can't wait to put mine together. Also, please share a pic of the paper rack your Dad made for you - maybe my hubby can make one for me.

Misty Posey said...

awhhh...poor guy! Hope he's better today! I couldn't see the pic of the charm bracelet :( Must be my computer, but I collect charms, and I love charm braclets, so I bet it is cute! Misty

HoweverAlthough said...

I hope Cole is feeling better. So sorry you all have had a rough month. The bracelet is adorable! I can't wait to get mine. I love that little tag with the bird on it. Who did that one? CUTE!


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