Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ta Da.....

The paper rack is complete (except that it needs more paper). I rolled it into my guestroom yesterday and by the afternoon it looked like this:

And then I decided that it needed something else. So I got out some paint, a plastic cup, an a wonderful pink oral swab (we have a large amount of these from when Cole was going through treatment so now I paint with them) and then I ended up with this:

I like the end result now - and I added the names for each shelf with a dry erase marker so I can change it when I need something different. You can see that here (or check out my gallery at SIStv for more pictures):

A few days ago I posted a charm bracelet for a swap at Scrap Etc. and here are pictures of all the envelopes that are almost ready to be mailed. I was a little nervous about taking on such a task - and seriously still am a bit since I have to get them all mailed as well. Take a look:

So today, we're chilling at home. We went to church this morning and it poured while we were there, but stopped enough for everyone to get out and to their cars without getting soaked. We've been home since then just hanging out. Jason has been doing homework but is playing on the bed with Cole right now. The race is on and I'm wanting to get busy doing something scrap related but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. I want to start working on Cole's birthday pictures, but I really want some new paper first - maybe Basic Grey's Cupcake line - that would be nice. So I guess I'll wait a little longer and maybe play around on the computer while I can - Jason sometimes hogs it on the weekends with all the homework.

Oh I have a movie to watch, I forgot about that! We did watch a movie together the other night - this one:

And I have this one to watch sometimes this weekend - maybe tomorrow since school is out!

Ok - I guess that's all from me - I'm off to upload pics to the gallery at SIStv!


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