Tuesday, February 12, 2008

GOOD grief!!

My last post was all about how we weren't going to get sick for Cole's birthday - well that's not really how things happened. We got through the weekend just fine until about 11 Sunday night. Well, that's not true - Saturday night I got a really bad headache - really bad. Sunday, all day it hurt. No sinus medicine was helping, Tylenol was no help either. I ended up with an ice pack on my head for a while too. Finally I took the last two Aleve and that must have done it. I started feeling much better around 7 or so. Then around 11 Jason got up and took some pepto - just didn't feel good at all. He ended up sick all night - throwing up - the whole thing! YUCK. He gets super dehydrated fast so after being sick about four times - he was white as a ghost and so weak. So a call to 911 was made and the Fire and Rescue guys were here pretty quickly. They got an IV hooked up and started pumping in the fluids pretty quickly. They had to take him to the ER to get checked out. This was about 6 Monday morning. Cole woke up when he heard the guys going down the hall but I shushed him back to sleep so he would miss the action. Not something you want your SEVEN year old to wake up to on his BIRTHDAY!!! So I had already called my mom and she was on her way. I got Cole dressed, me dressed and grabbed clothes for Jason and whatever I thought we would need. We went to the hospital and waited for Jason to get loaded up on hydrates :) His lab work showed it was a virus, we were hoping for food poisoning since we had not eaten the same things. No such luck. During all of this I was queasy and yucky feeling - I knew it was coming for me too!! I just hoped Cole would be safe from the February Curse. That's what we're calling it now - this thing that happens to us each February. So I took the medicine Jason got from teh ER - I know you aren't supposed to share meds but come on - it worked!! So I'm still a but tired, we didn't sleep at all Sunday night. I'm sore like I've been sick but I never actually got to the spewing - thank gosh.

Jason rested the rest of the day - slept mostly. He's feeling better and went to work today even though I thought he should be at home. On the way to school though Cole is gagging in the back seat. Sometimes this is nothing - sometimes it's because he was doing something silly with his mouth - blowing spit bubbles, making silly faces, whatever. Sometimes he gags because his mouth is open too wide or he's making sounds that require his tongue to move a lot. But with this virus going around, who knows - so we turned around and went back home. He's been fine so far but I did make him take some children's Pepto - so maybe that will help. He really didn't want to go to school - but i'm not sure why. I don't think he's quite smart enough to fake sick yet - maybe, but I'm just not sure that he gets that yet. So we're home, still. I really need to go to the grocery store and I told Cole I would have a surprise for him when he got home today which was going to be his room decorated for his birthday - but that's out since he's here. I did hang up 'Happy Birthday Cole" for him in the hallway and that got him excited. Now he's asking if I'll take him to the toy store today. So if he feels good enough this afternoon, maybe we'll venture out to Walmart and he can pick out something fun.

Why does this always happen to us in February?? I don't get it. It always happens! Now the whole family is sick. First Jason's uncle Alex, who was here for the party this weekend, then Amanda, Jason's sister, then his brother Drake. Now his dad has it, his sister in law too. I don't know where this came from, but geez - cut us some slack. I just hope I'm done and don't get sick again and that Cole's fine. We wondered if there was a way to legally change someone's birthday - can we change it to a different month? one that doesn't have a sickness curse attached to it??

Off to see what kind of surprises I can come up with for Cole today!


gimmegodiva said...

So Sorry to hear all of this! I just expected a fun B-day party update!! Hope you all get back to 100% SOON!!!!

Anonymous said...

Been missing you on the board so thought I would check up on you. I am so sorry to hear about all the "ickies" that you all have had. Hope you are on the mend and Happy B'day to Cole.

Wendi from Mobile


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