Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Has it been a month?

Why, yes it has. I've been a slacker I guess, well, actually I've just been busy and haven't taken the time to come here and post. Work has been busy, my job actually changed a month or so ago, can't really remember how long it's been. I started out working on the sales floor, putting out stock, ringing up customers - that sort of thing. Now, I'm working in the office - doing the deposit, balance the drawers and such, price changes, HR stuff and some scheduling. So, I'm kind of back to what I used to do with McRae's back in the day. It was a nice change. I loved helping customers but I like what I do now a bit more. Cole's had some sinus stuff going on so he missed a little bit of school I while back and then had a check up and got some shots (boo)! Then we had a little Halloween party where I managed to only take one picture during the party and that was of the punch bowl. I snapped a few close to the end, but didn't get one of Cole dressed up! Bummer! (Michelle, Carol - send me your pictures!! Thanks)

Cole joined Cub Scouts, too so we've been doing that each week. We had to miss last night though since we just got back from Memphis late. Nothing major going on there - just needed to have some lab work done and he needed to be measured. We've had some changes with his growth hormones, so we just needed to check everything out (more on that later - it's time for a St. Jude post). Cole's really liking Cubs. I love that he's enjoying it. The first few meetings he wasn't crazy about - lots of things where we just learned the rules, etc - but now we're on to fun stuff and activites. He's liking it!! It's fun for mom, too though - the leader is someone I went to highschool with and there's also a kid from Cole's class, so I get to chat with his mom! It's nice to get to know people and reconnect with those you haven't seen in a while.

A little about Memphis - it was great. Cole's growing right on track now - finally. He's average and for once in life - average is just enough!! We're so glad. He's growing just like he should!! While we were there I read lots about this years Thanks and Giving campaign - lots of thoughts there that I want to express here - so that's coming soon!!

In the crafty area of my life I'm sorely lacking. Haven't scrapbooked much at all lately. Have some lovely papers just waiting to be used. Just haven't had a chance to jump into it. I did spend two Sunday night at the Ronald McDonald House doing scrapbooks with families. It was fun. Not exactly like our Memphis Ronald - but that's okay!! It was a good experience. I'm anxious to see what they do for Christmas.

We had tons of decorations up for Halloween and honestly, I'm ready for them to go away - and I'm all about bringing out the Christmas stuff soon!! I can't wait!!

For November, we've still got lots to do - we're going to an Alabama game in a few weeks - YAY, Roll Tide Roll. I'll be working a ton I'm sure - especially after Thanksgiving. And we've got to get ready for Christmas, too - Cole's list is already about 43 pages long!!

Alright - I'm out for a little while - off to get my Colester from school and then we're staging a little Halloween photo shoot since I didn't get one single picture of him just standing still in his costume. So, pictures coming soon!

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