Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday's cleaning coming soon!

Just wanted to check in and say I'm playing along, just haven't had a chance to upload photos yet. After I get back from picking Cole up - I'll do yesterdays post really quick and then move on to today's job!! I actually have put away almost all of my Halloween stuff, but have no before photo of the giant pile on the table of all my stuff. But if you read this post you got a peek of my decorations - so you know there's a lot. I've taken down and packed away all but one little display and that's just because the container for it is in the shed in the back yard and well, it's raining and there could be bugs and such out there. That's just a Jason job and he's not doing the blog-along, so I'm outta luck!!

Off to finish up some Christmas crafting - my cousin (the first great grandchild) is having a bridal tea this weekend and I'm giving her a giant collection of Christmas decorations. I've only been to one Christmas Bridal Tea ever and thought it was so fun, so as soon as I new about Laura's I decided she needed some Christmas goodies, instead of your normal Pyrex dishes and measuring cups. I'm sure someone will get those for her anyway!! So, some cute store bought ornaments mixed in with some things I'm making - wooden hand painted stuff, a canvas, some trees for the wall - and she'll be set to start decorating in their new home!!

Okay - enough already - I'm off the computer, and back to being productive!!!

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