Monday, November 16, 2009

So, here's how that cleanning thing ended up....

I was doing good until Wednesday. The plan was to clean each day, but Wednesday I got a little carried away and did a bunch of stuff, so Wednesday and Thursday ended up being the days I did nothing!! And well, Friday, I didn't really accomplish much either.

Saturday was a catch up day but I didn't take pictures - I just worked and worked and got things cleaned up and put away and then we got pretty much the whole house decorated for Christmas. The tree is up, waiting for ornaments, which will happen tonight. Tons of other things are out and on display!! So, it wasn't a total loss. I just have no documentation to prove it to you!!

This week is super busy!! I'm having a little girlfriend lunch tomorrow, working the next two days and going to the movies Friday. In the meantime, I need to get the guest room tackled and under control - we're having company so the laundry really can't be on the bed!! There will be no where for them to sleep!!

So, the cleaning will continue and I'll try to take pics this time!! Tonight is Cub Scouts and tree trimming, so tomorrow night, I'll tackle the laundry and scrap supplies that are ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE!!!

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