Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy October

Well, I love this time of year!! First, my birthday was in September - so that's always fun! Then Halloween is just around the corner, and I love decorating for Halloween. I love when the weather starts to cool off and the humidity drops (my hair loves that part the most). I love the leaves changing! It's really just my favorite time of year! I started working on a mini album back in August called "the things we love about fall". So I took some pictures today of the new decor around the house to put in my album, but I thought I'd share them here first. I really can't seem to stop decorating. I've seen so many fun things online - cute ideas - really cute!!

My photos are uploading while I type - so for now, I'll share some links with you. Thank goodness for the starred items in my Google Reader!!

Scroll down and look at the little felt halloween guys - so cute!!

And check THIS out!! The mummy shirt is too cute and I love the table all set for the perfect Halloween party! And those orange fan thingies on the wall - I want them!!

I really want to make THIS for our little Halloween party! But I'm think not just bats - lots of cute little things hanging there - witch legs, pumkpins, and more. I just got my Spooky Alley design card for the Slice and it's got tons of cute images that would be perfect for this!!

And did you check out the Wicked Halloween Craft Party on the KI blog? I love the candle sticks that Gretchen did - and those party crackers, too! I also wish I could find a place to put those cool masks - I would so make up a bunch of them!

If only I had a place for this and these!! I'm trying to get Jason to cut some wood for me so I can make those pumpkins but by the time he has a chance, I'm thinking I'll paint them red/green and make presents instead!!

Here are some of the cutest cupcakes, ever!! The witch is hilarious!! I wonder if you can buy candy canes yet? I'm planning on making the mummy's. Check out this, too - love the spiders and eyeballs!

And THIS is so cute. I can't wait to make a Christmasy one!

Okay - now here are those photos:

My version of the monogrammed wreath and my pumpkin topiary (or whatever it should be called) - and check this out - I wish I had room to do two!

A close up of the two:

And just because:

I love the white pumpkins:

And the orange ones are fab, too - copied this idea:

These are from last year, but they have a new home this year:

And I made this a couple of years ago - it's had a sheet of Jenni Bowlin paper that matched the colors in my kitchen. Switched it out for Halloween:

And because he is so unbelievable handsome:

Got that frame for about $5 at Michaels - clearance!! And the print was free, only paid $1.99 for shipping. It's 11x17 and the perfect touch in the den where this handsome guy hangs out!

Well, I think that's enough for today!

Happy October!! Oh, I'm so excited to be in our home and a new place means surprises with every season - what colors will my leaves turn? which trees will look beautiful and which ones will just lose their leaves and let us see the beautiful sky from our deck? I can't wait!!


Virginia said...

I think we must read all the same blogs! I love all those same ideas too... I just haven't had the chance to incorporate them at home like you have. ;) Hmmm I wonder why? ;)

I love all your home decor. That photo of Cole is just stunning! I really enjoy getting a peek inside your home. :)

Christina said...

I love all your home decor ideas!! Can I ask how you hung that arrangement on your door?? I have a door just like that and am dying to hang something on it but my hubby refuses to let me put a wreath hanger on our door!


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