Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Clean up Blog-along!!

Okay - so, here's the deal - we have only been in our house since April - so you know, that's not that long! Not long enough that my house should be a disaster, but hey, it's kind of a small disaster!! Toys everywhere!! Halloween decorations, still not put away!! And don't even get me started on the stupid mouse that's taken up residence here. He's NOT paying rent! He's NOT cleaning up after himself, either!! He's also managing to escape trap after trap. He's getting on my nerves!!

Now, I know the toys everywhere and the Halloween decorations aren't the reason for the mouse - actually, I don't really know why he's here - I promise we aren't dirty - just cluttered! Anyway - it's time to get a few things under control. We have friends coming to stay in less that two weeks and I seriously can't even see the top of the guest bed for all the laundry. Now, it's all clean and folded, just not put away. We have to find room for the Christmas tree, too - so there's some stuff that I need to clean out, to make room for the tree!

So - I'm doing this:

Several of us on Facebook we're talking about a cleaning blog-along.
Posting a before and after picture of the space we clean each day.
YES, each day this week!!

So, I'm attempting to tackle this even though I don't have loads of time this week.
I know that I'll have little time today, Wednesday and Thursday, so on those does, I'm picking the small tasks to tackle. I'll have more time Tuesday and Friday - so the big jobs will be done then. You can play along, too! If you decide to - comment below so I can check out your blog and before/after pictures!!

Come on - you can do it!!

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