Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day two - done and done!!!

Okay, so I planned to get all the Halloween decor taken down today and put away. The only problem is two of my storage containers are in the garage near the last evidence we have of the mouse that's camped out in our house!! So, needless to say, I couldn't open them. I mean, you get that, right? :D And the other containers were in the shed in the backyard, and well, it rained today, just a bit - so couldn't go down there either. Not that I would have even if it hadn't been raining, honestly.

So, I tackled as much of the Halloween decor as I could without those boxes and then moved on. I was extremely brave and decided to clean up the kitchen. It's been neglected since the mouse siting, because, well, I saw a mouse!! So that should pretty much cover that!! Here's the before:

and yes, that's the dishwasher pulled out from the cabinet so we can check on the dang mouse!! Here's the after:

Much better - and just so you know - if you open the dishwasher and pull out the bottom rack while it's out from under the cabinet, you will almost break your foot. Just thought you'd want to know!! Oh and the glasses still sitting on the counter, have to stay - I can't reach the cabinet because of the dang dishwasher!!

This is our bar area - between the kitchen and the den. This is the catch-all in our house. Jason puts his phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc here when he gets home. Cole unpacks his backpack here. He does his homework here, too. Once in a while, we eat a meal there. I scrapbook there, or paint, or whatever!! So this is it's current state:

And here it is after. Not perfect - but better. I can't put that case of Diet Dr Pepper on the floor, in case the mouse is thirsty - so it stays right there - and hey, the box is white with crimson - matches the whole Bama thing!!

So after the kitchen, I moved on to the bathroom and I took no pictures - sorry, you'll just have to believe me. Actually, I still have to empty the garbage in there, and do the floors - but the rest is clean. We are all sharing this bathroom right now due to some plumbing issues in the master bath (which is really just Jason's bath because me and Cole share the bigger bathroom). So we're all in there together. Stuff everywhere. Glasses, contacts, rubber ducks, hair spray, hair dryer, flat iron, and I could really go on and on about what all is there right now. Well, what was there - it's all neat and clean now. Carol can vouch for me tomorrow when she comes over!! :D

So, here's the real mess. I mean, the kitchen and bathroom were messy but THIS takes the cake:

He looks so proud of his mess!

And here it is just a few minutes later - really!! It didn't take long at all. I usually clean Cole's room on the weekend, but you know, I saw a mouse!!

And well, I just realized I didn't come back and post the pictures from yesterday - so here it is - the before:

I think, when we moved it, I just unpacked three or four boxes and stuck it all in here! For No Apparent Reason!!! And the after:

I realize the after isn't MUCH better, but it's a start. There are things in here I just need to find another home for. Like the notebooks and folders that I bought for half a cent after school started. And the scrapbook magazines and books that don't belong there, either. And all the office supplies need to go to THE OFFICE!!! And yes, that is an upside down Lego Spongebob, without his legs - on the top shelf!!

Alright - all caught up. Now, who knows what I'll tackle tomorrow!! I have to work and then have a play date - so the cleaning will be quick!!


Gretchen said...


Nubia said...

totally give youa pass with the whole mouse thing

Virginia said...

Goodness! I think you should win a prize for all the stuff you've gotten done! Super impressed! I love it!

Gina said...

very nice...and I must say...love your kitchen!


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