Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what a crafty afternoon!

i've been in a crafting frenzy today!! lots of valentine goodies!!

I saw this in a house we were looking at (the one we DID NOT get) and just had to take a picture. i'm assuming it was a christmasy item but it's still out - it's cute for valentine's too, but i think she should add some hearts somewhere - or something. maybe she could do what i did:


it's not perfect - my marshmallows were a bit sticky for some reason. but i still like it.

then i just took an acyrlic frame and did a little layout for the inside, but added the words, bling, heart and two of the paper pieces on the top of the frame.

this is something i'm struggling with - i wanted to make a take out box out of felt, but my piece wasn't quite big enough - it just wasn't working for me, but i'm still playing with it. i haven't made the fortune cookies yet - maybe this weekend. you untie that top ribbon and you can pull the flaps apart. the tulle is just for fun :)

I found this little cup in the holiday clearance at hobby lobby - it was 19 cents. so, you know, i had to get it. the label reads 'my cup runneth over'

I love using the AccuCut to cut out envelopes. i didn't realize there was a die that would cut this one - i just saw it today and had to cut it out! now i would like to cut out a bunch and make a little mini album with all those pockets on the side or maybe the top..........hmmmm

this first one is a card - you turn the little part that's orange with arrows, and the words change. totally stole the idea - you can see a tutorial here: you tube

i've always wanted to make those cute cones out of dollies - and i finally did it. covered some mini chocolate bars with paper and made a matching tag.

hmmm, this is an ice cube tray. it was so cute though - i just had to make something with it. so i glued the words on the bottom, added some bling and brads, doodled a bit around the one heart and added a button, tulle, and a flower to the top!

stole this idea too - from Virginia - she made some for Christmas last year, or maybe the year before, i don't remember.

and this is a heart paper chain. i saw one in a gallery that was way fancier than this one - the inside strip of paper was polka dotted and the outside was a strip of photos - super cute, but i didn't have photo strips so i just used double sided paper. the one i saw also was strung together with some of that clear maya road ribbon - very cute. then she made an ornament that matched - so cute, but i lost the link - i know i have it somewhere on this blasted computer.

Wow, I'm a bit tired - i guess from sitting hunched over the coffee table crafting. i'm pretty sure i didn't even eat dinner - but i did feed Cole - no worries!! well, i should go and attempt some chores. i'm subbing tomorrow and have to get clothes ready, jason's at school until 9:30 and i try to have his work clothes ready on his work nights - if not he'll have to turn the light on in our room to iron and sometimes, i'm already asleep - so that's not good.

oh - i did mention that we're buying a house, right? well, it's in hueytown - just down the road a little from my mom and dad. it'll also be about 10 miles closer to jason's work (he's working in tuscaloosa now). so we're excited. I'm sure it'll be a few more days before we know about closing, but i think it's in March - the 2nd is stuck in my head for some reason. or the 7th - heck, i can't remember what's on the contract. the owner wants 7 days after closing to vacate - so that means spring break will be spent moving in - that's what we did last year for spring break too!

okay - now i'm really going!
good night!


Michelle said...

You are just too crafty for your own good!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

I love all your fun Valentine goodies!

g said...

awesome awesome Valentine projects! love the cupcake blog theme too-- super cute!!


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