Friday, January 16, 2009


we found a house we like. we really like. we made an offer. it was a little too low, i don't think they thought we were serious. so we made another one WEDNESDAY. so that means thursday evening, at the latest, we should have heard something. guess what? go ahead, guess. we didn't hear a thing.

so finally we get an email that said the owner wanted to meet with his again tonight to go over the offer. well, it's TONIGHT and still NOTHING. how frustrating. our guy is out of town, but his wife called earlier to let us know she'd call us as soon as she heard something - and still nothing.

i mean - this isn't how you sell your house.

maybe tomorrow?
or maybe we just find another house we love as much.
if that's possible.

it's so cute.

i have my furniture already rearranged in the smaller place - well almost - in my head anyway.

i hate waiting.


1 comment:

Michelle said...

I'm hoping they will come back and surprise you. And if not, it's for a reason. I know, I know....go ahead and smack me now.


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