Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still no word.

Isn't that just the strangest thing. In this current housing market - it seems nuts that these people haven't let us know anything. Well, I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason - so we continued to house hunt this weekend. We drove by several yesterday, one I had saved online for a couple of weeks now - still close to my parents, and bigger than our last house in Mobile and the one we just bid on.

So we looked it yesterday with the owner home, which is always strange, but we looked anyway, quickly. It's big and full of stuff. That sweet lady has a million things in that house - seriously - there were about 200 beanie babies. YES - all in individual cases and ALL bears - not the other animals or critters or whatever - but bears. She has several of the Irish bears I collect, too. I only have five I think - those are the only ones I'll buy :)

Anyway, we really liked it. We went back today and measured and really nosed around - since the owner wasn't there. We're planning on making an offer, but have to wait to officially do it once our realtor is back - he's out of town this weekend and not returning our calls actually. Maybe his cell is dead, or missing, or he has no service?? Who knows.

Anyway - we'll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed. I still won't have a scrap room in this house, but i'll have a big ol' closet that i can put things in and a bar in the kitchen i can scrap on. I'm still thinking about Virginia's suggestion about the desk, too. I'm hoping I can make it all work without spending any money, too. I really think I have enough boxes and baskets and stuff to make it all work. BUT there aren't really any shelves in that closet - I'll need that.

Alright, off to find something to do while Jason watches football!


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