Tuesday, January 13, 2009

organizational update

virginia totally rocks - i was secretly hoping she would give me some tips - so thanks girl!! andrea also hooked me up with some info over at scrapjazz - so i'll be looking into that - and a great tip about hanging storage!! thank you for that!!

so - i just dropped off loads of paper and stickers and such with cole's teacher. she loved it and wanted to pay me!! crazy girl!! i have lots more to go through and clean out. i'm glad virginia said to be brutal in my purging because thats exactly how i was looking at it and now i feel like my thinking has been validated!!

virginia also suggested a roll top desk - i have an old desk that the top folds down but i think it's going to be in my living room and my scrap storage may be upstairs - so now i think i may reevaluate that. the only thing is it's smaller and i don't think there's even room to leave a layout laying in there, much less anything bigger i'm working on. that's really something i want to look into and see if i can make that work for me. great idea!! i need to just hang out with you Virginia and you fill me in on all that cool stuff!!

and if you don't know virginia - you are missing out! she's super cool, makes me feel cool when i'm around here, even if i'm not real cool lol - she seems super organized in lots of ways and i am striving to reach organization in lots of area. its a struggle for me. the lists, i can make - the execution, not so much.

anyway - if you have no clue what i'm talking about here - go to my previous post - and please leave me more tips!!!


oh and you can go back to that post and read the tips v and andrea left me - good stuff!!


Michelle said...

I don't know who Virginia is, but can she come to England and help me get organized for our move back. I'm just standing here, going "where do I start?".

BTW, the roll top desk sounds excellent. We have one here that belongs to the guy we are renting from and I really like it.

gimmegodiva said...

I have so much stuff that I should purge... but I keep thinking "I paid a lot of money for this stuff..."
I need to USE it.... or have someone else clean out for me so I can't see what goes!! :-)

Virginia said...

You make me feel like a rock star. :)


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