Monday, January 12, 2009

Change is in the air

We are house hunting. We have found one we really like but I don't want to spill details since nothing is certain - ever - in this economy!! But we're hoping it'll work out.

Speaking of change - I came up with my resolutions last week and did a layout about my growing resolutions - things that I want to accomplish this year and it will be a growing process - I'll grow if I can accomplish all those things.

This time of year always brings about the thoughts of how you want to proceed with the new year. What you hope for, what you want to change, what you don't want to continue with . . . it's a lot to think about. Jason and I have both said we want to get more involved in St. Jude fund raising. We've looked into finding a group here that does fundraisers but there isn't anything. There was a whole group in Mobile that was dedicated to doing fundraisers throughout the year and by the time we got involved with them, we moved. So that is something we are looking into - even if it's just finding some St. Jude families in this area - we know they're here!! And making sure we get to take part in the net radiothon here in Birmingham. And we also want to get into the small group at church that does things for the children's hosptial here - they go to the Harbor every month and do fun stuff with the kids. We went to the Christmas party year before last, but just didn't make it a priority - but we're going to! I hope!!

An all those scrappers out there know about picking a WORD for the year. I put this off, I keep saying NO I'm not doing it. But more and more things are pushing me into a word - with no help by me at all. SIMPLIFY is the key. I think there are so many ways I need to SIMPLIFY. If this house works out for us - this will be HUGE - because it's smaller than what we have now - but we love it, so we'll make it work. Simplifying what we have and letting go of things (toys and toys and more toys) and organizing better (the scrappy stuff will also be minimized tremendously). I'm actually looking forward to it.

If it all works out.

Please let it work out!!

Okay, I've got things to do - school books to buy for Jason - laundry is waiting. UGH


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Michelle said...

I hope the house works out for you. I'm going to miss my renters though. Just know you have until April to move out. That's something, you can move out slowly. I'm still hoping and praying we end up back in Birmingham. And no, you can't have my coffee table! :)


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