Sunday, May 27, 2012

And another Pinterest post!

Our house is old.  I love it, but it's old.  When we first looked at this house - it was a wee bit hard to see the bones of the house through all the crap.  And wow, was there a lot of crap.  There was an older woman living here - the only owner of the house, I believe.  She loved pink and pink and pink and then she loved wind chimes.  There were wind chimes everywhere - in the house, outside the house - everywhere.  I remember walking up the stairs to the bedrooms and my dad bumped his head on another set of wind chimes.  Seriously!!

There was wallpaper and/or border everywhere.  The foyer, the bathrooms and all three bedrooms had some form of paper stuck on the wall.  I'm not even sure now which room was the worst.  I guess the guest bath was probably the worst.  It's that lovely shade of mint green tile.  The wallpaper was pink and blue flowers - nothing in it matched the green tile at all.  Crazy stuff.  I really liked the green tile once the wallpaper was gone.  It's really old, but not a terrible shade, I've seen worse.

Anyway, we painted a nice light brown (Chatham Tan to be exact) and I decorated slowly with creams, whites, and various shades of brown.  I really liked it.  Eventually I decided I wanted a darker shade of brown.  Now it's the color of YooHoo!  It's much better now.  I added some vinyl to one wall last summer, one piece a week it seemed, after getting my Silhouette.  I took about three months to make a cute wreath, too.  Do you see a pattern here?  I am a slow crafter!

The bathroom also had those terrible sliding glass shower doors.  Horrible.  Hate them with a passion.

I finally got Jason to take them down during Spring Break and I started working on a shower curtain.  I really wanted this:

$69 is a wee bit over my budget though - okay more than a wee bit.  I really liked this one, too:

But in white and not for $118. 

So, I went through Pinterest and looked for tutorials.  I found several and sadly, followed none completely.  I ended up buying a white shower curtain and a white king size sheet - which was fitted and should have been flat.  Anyway, I measured and cut fabric (not perfectly, but good enough).  I left the edges raw - which I loved.  I ended up with five ruffles along the bottom instead of the three from the top picture.  I love it.  I hung it up and realized my ruffles were REALLY crooked.  So, not I can't even show you a picture because it's just that bad.  

So, the first thing on my Summer to-do list is to make some fabric flowers out of a twin sheet, which again was fitted and not flat - will I ever learn to read the labels better?  And I'll stitch on the flowers randomly along the top of the first ruffle to hopefully even it out a bit so you won't be able to tell it's so crooked.  I'll post the finished project - one day.  Remember, I'm a slow crafter.  

Here's the inspiration for the flowers:

also from Anthropologie

Anyone else make great fabric flowers that I can use as inspiration?  I can't wait to finish this project, it really bugs me every time I go in there and see the curtain closed and all crooked! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Lalo said...

A whole bunch of goodness. As for fabric inspiration all I can think of is google images ... love that google!!!


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