Saturday, May 26, 2012

And a little more Summer crafting - if I'm lucky

I was reading blogs this past weekend and came across this lovely find:

This blog is fabulous - I got a little lost in this one post - figuring out how I can make it.  But the rest of her posts are great, too!  Now, back to my plan - I have a fixture similar to this one below and think maybe there's a way to make it into what's above! 

Here's hoping I can come up with a plan and Jason will help out! It seems like such a waste to have that space inside and not use it.  So, I'm thinking we could take one side off and put shelves inside to hold it all together.  I don't mind the slat board on one side, but maybe I could cover another side with cork and have a cork board area.  Not sure about the last side - I may just leave two opposite sides as slats and the back side as cork.  I'd like to paint the whole thing, too.  Hmm, sounds like a big project but I'll have time!!  Hopefully I'll be back in June with a finish project!

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