Thursday, December 30, 2010

My word.

I've been thinking about my word for 2011.  This made me think about my word for 2010.  HALF-FULL didn't get very far in 2010.  Sure, I still look at things at half full instead of half empty.  I even took several opportunities early on in 2010 to remind different people around me at different times that the situation they looked at so negatively was really a half-full kind of thing.

But that's about as far as it went.

So, my attempt was actually half empty I guess.


It would seem as though I lacked focus with this little project.  Maybe I should have spent more time trying to make more things in my life half-full.  I should have kept it in sight - the whole idea of being half-full.

But I really didn't focus on it.

I read this post during lunch today.  Amy really connected with her first word - and accomplished so much.  She focused on what she wanted and found a way to go after it. 

That's what I need to do. 

Then I saw this post and actually laughed out loud (not just a lol) because Lucy doesn't even remember her word from last year.  Sounds like me!!

I need to focus on new things.  Focus on my word.  Focus on making lasting connections.  Focus on taking care of everyone around me a little better.  Focus on taking care of me and my stuff, issues, whatever. 

My word is going to be FOCUS!!!

I can think of a million ways it's important.  Focus on the job search (start running after it again).  Focus on my home and making it the best home it can be.  Focus on the friendships that are important to me and nurture them - focus on making them last!!  Focus on God - this should have been listed first. 

I didn't really put a lot of work into figuring this out.  As I was reading Amy's blog post about her first word, I was thinking - see if I just focus on my walking again, maybe I could lose more weight without doing the whole Atkins diet again.  And then I began thinking about how I could have really focused on my word in 2010 and really made some changes.  The common thread in all my thoughts were all about the focus.  Lacking focus.

I lack.

My focus is really half empty.  I know what to focus on - I just don't make it a priority.  I need to do that.

My brother made me this really cool journal for Christmas.  The binding is hand stitched and it's so cool.  I love that he made it but I hate that we didn't have the time for him to show me how to do it myself! I would love to learn.  That's something I could really focus on.  I plan to use this journal to write out some of the things I need to focus on, the things I need to really work at.  Maybe that will keep my on track!!

Do you pick a word?

You should!!


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gimmegodiva said...

Good post! but when I first read the title, I thought the "my word" was out of annoyance or frustration! ha!


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