Friday, December 3, 2010

My December Album

I made this album last year and never managed to take the first picture specifically for this album.  So, this year - I'm on it.  I will have an album by the end of the month that documents our 25 days leading up to the big finale on Christmas Day!!

Here's the cover:

I'll come back and show each page when it's complete but here's a rundown of what I've photographed so far:

December 1st - the wrapped books under the Bama Tree.  We're unwrapping a book every night and reading it before bed.  They are all Christmas or winter themed.  It's been a fun way to countdown so far.  Cole enjoys it, but knows that he's bound to get to a few books he 'isn't a fan of'!! We'll see how that goes.

December 2nd I took several pictures of our new ornaments (from our Disney trip in October) and a few of my very favorite ornaments, too.

December 3rd, I plan to take a picture when it's dark of our snowflakes that are hanging on the deck.  You can see them from the main road behind our house and some of our friends have commented on how great they look from the road - I love seeing them as I turn on the road - twinkling through the trees!!

I haven't taken any pictures of US yet for our album, but we'll have time - I really want to include how we decorate so I'm thinking about many little collages for a few days - just to highlight our favorite things around the house!!

Thanks for looking.  How do you document your December?



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