Thursday, December 9, 2010

My December Album - catch up

I know all of you aren't totally interested in my day to day details for December, but posting it here will help me keep it straight!!

Now, all of my pictures are uploaded to the computer.  I've made a few collages, so I can have more than one picture on a page.  Sadly, though - there are no pictures of me and Jason yet in the album - but hopefully that'll happen soon!!  Anyway - here's the first week or so of my album - in photos only since I haven't managed to work on the album itself at all!!

December 1st is our pile of books under one of our trees - Cole gets to pick one each night to unwrap and read!

December 2nd - photographed two of our new ornaments (the top two), one of my faves (the 'Hope' St. Jude Ornament) and then my reflection in the purple light bulb ornament just for fun.
December 3rd, Cole's elf, Jingle, went a little nuts and rolled the kitchen!! Cole freaked out a bit!

And another for December 3rd.   It was too cold to go outside to take this one - so there's a bit of a glare since I snapped it through the door.  These snowflakes hang from our deck and you can see them from the main road behind our house - love the skyline in the background.

December 4th - Just snapped a few of Cole hanging out by the tree.  This is the Bama tree and where Cole finds all his books to open each night, on our countdown to Christmas.

December 5th we made a run through Krispy Kreme for yummy treats.

And I started the stack of things that need to be wrapped:

December 6th - Cole loves all the Christmas stuffed animals we have.  He loves playing with them each year.  So I asked him to sit on the couch and then I piled up all the animals all around him.  He loved posing!! 

But, even more - he loved kicking out of them when I was finished.

December 7th - Cole was chosen as Good Citizen for November.  He was honored at a little ceremony at school and received a certificate and a ribbon.  He was excited to be picked, but bummed he had to miss PE to get his award!! Crazy kid!

December 8th - didn't take a single picture.  Didn't have a chance at all to think about my album.  So, I'll cheat a little and use this one:

And December 9th - I'm glad I thought about taking this morning - Jingle, just chillin'

So there you have it.  I can't wait to get my album together and make it look presentable!!  Maybe I'll get to it this weekend???


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