Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just can't keep up with this old blog

I'm not sure why I've barely been blogging this year, or back even longer than that. I'm thinking it's mostly Facebook's fault!

Anyway - this is what we've been up to:

The first weekend of March, we made a weekend trip to Mobile for my sister-in-law's baby shower. Here's the girls - Grandma, me, Jamie, Amanda and Debbie

(wow, I really needed a haircut!!)

Then in the middle of March, Cole had Spring Break. Right before Spring Break, I turned in my notice at Michaels. I really liked my job, but just had some issues with my hours being cut so much (a three hour shift? are you serious) and there were some management changes that I just wasn't happy with. Here's a few shots of our Spring Break:

A little Rock Band is always fun!

We spent a day at Oak Mountain exploring and hanging out together as a family! Had a great time!

I also did a little crafting in the past few weeks - mostly baby shower stuff. I showed you the canvas I painted and the diaper cake, then I made a feather boa wreath, some onsies with ruffles on the butt's. I also put the babies name on a metal pail (her first Easter Basket, maybe?) I made another diaper cake this past week for an order and then one for my cousin, too. I also did more ruffled onsies for my cousin. I'm a little tired of diaper cakes and onsies!!

I've got two layouts waiting for photos - I'll get them posted this week. I just picked up my pictures today. A few weeks ago I did a remake on some binders for church - I've been carrying the same one for a year and a half. I loved my houndstooth binder, but it was time for a change. So here they are - one for my, my mom and my cousin:

Like I mentioned, I've been using mine for over a year so the pockets are a bit stretched out - my pen keeps falling out, so I punched holes through the front of mine and ran ribbon through, made a bow and left enough slack inside to hold my pen! I added my initial and the butter fly and flower cut from vinyl with my Slice.

Mom makes cakes - amazing cakes, and cookies and cupcakes - so I thought this paper was perfect for hers. Her initials are cut from brown vinyl.

And my younger cousin is a Bama fan. She wanted houndstooth and black and red. So the back is black with white polka dots and red with tiny white dots. I cut a vinyl chandelier and her initial for the back. Totally forgot to take a picture!!

Hmmm, what else?

Oh I got my haircut last Friday - finally!! It's been way too long. (the hair and the time since my last haircut) This is the only picture, where you can see my hair, taken at the baby shower this past weekend - not a great shot, but it's all I've got!!

Okay - time to go fix the Colester some dinner! And then watch Idol!!


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