Monday, March 1, 2010

I've been creating up a storm

So last Sunday I went to Sips and Strokes with my cousin and two of her friends. It was my first time and it was great. I really enjoyed it but wasn't a 100% happy with my canvas. Here it is:

Here's the one I did this weekend:

I like the second one better - the houndstooth actually looks like houndstooth. Now the real question is which one do I keep and which one do I give away?? I think I have to keep the original and make just work on fixing the hat!

Here's a canvas I did for my future niece:

Ashlyn's planning to show up in May. We're heading to Mobile this weekend for Jamie's baby shower. I can't wait. Lots and lots of pink!! Ashlyn's comforter has tiaras and ballet slippers, hearts and stars - so very sweet!! I hope it will match. I also just whipped up this, this morning:

For the baby shower, and then it should match her room afterwards too!! I made a banner too but don't have a photo of it yet - I'll snap one this weekend though - when we hang it for the shower. It's made out of butterflies (thanks V for the idea) and I sprayed them with glimmer mist and added Ashlyn's name then strung them on ribbon.

I have about a million other things I wanted to make, too - but so far, haven't accomplished them. Here's hoping I can get it done!! I have three baby girl baby gifts and showers this month. Only one weekend is shower free!! I have some really cute fabric and onsies that are just waiting for me to ruffle!! Cute pink ruffles on the butt of a baby - doesn't get much better than that!!

Here's one last thing I finished this weekend - I did this for Jamie's birthday:

I hope she'll like it. I just labeled a few pages with things like: the apple of our eye, welcome sweet girl, cute as a cupcake, so berry sweet, our cutie pie, etc.

Oh, I can't wait for this sweet girl to show up so I can take pictures of her for her mom to put in this little album!!

Okay - I'm outta here - Must tackle the mess that my crafting has left behind!! I think Jason suspects he now lives in a craft store, instead of our home!


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Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

I love that crown book, very girly it's perfect :)


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