Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A fun idea:

I saw this on Michelle's blog - and she got it from somewhere else - I just wanted to blog today and couldn't think of anything to say - so here it is:

I am.... really sleepy this afternoon and can't get Cole to take a little rest with me!

I think.... I need to go do laundry.

I should.... be starting the baby gifts I have to have ready by Thursday.

I dream.... of having my own classroom.

I want.... to be skinnier.

I know... I must exercise for the previous "want" to work out.

I don't like.... that I can't drink more Diet Dr. Pepper each day.

I smell... my vanilla candle.

I hear.... Cole playing in his room.

I fear.... Cole's cancer ever coming back and the difficulties we have yet to face.

I search... for things in my Swagbucks toolbar so I earn more bucks.

I miss.... the sun.

I always.... tell Cole the same things before bed every night - he says it back to me like it's the last thing he wants to say since he says it every.single.night!!

I crave.... Chips and salsa. Sounds so good right about now...

I remember... All the fun time we had on our trip last week. I am so glad we were able to get away together.

I need..... to wash that gray right out of my hair.

I forget.... things at the grocery store, even when I have a list.

I feel.... excited about out anniversary this week.

I can.... sit of Facebook all day and play Bejeweled.

I can't.... be a 'my cup is half empty' girl.

I am happy.... hanging at home with my family - doing a lot of nothing!

I sing.... like I'm Carrie Underwood, when I'm actually more like the people the American Idol makes fun of.

I listen... to Rick and Bubba every morning!

I shop.... for bargains everywhere I go.

I eat.... ice like it's chocolate.

I love.... my life.


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