Friday, February 12, 2010

snow day? what a joke!

So, school is closed today for no real reason, it turns out. What a bummer. It would be exciting if I was off, too, but NOPE - I'm heading to work and Cole is heading to Grammy's.

At the rate we're going, we'll be in school until July!

And now, Cole's going to be out next week, except for Friday. We'll be in Memphis. Yesterday, his teacher was out sick and his class got split up so he didn't want to have his birthday snack without his classmates. I went to the school at snack time and asked him what he wanted to do and he agreed to do it Friday with the Valentine party. But now, the Valentine party is a no go. So, I'm assuming they'll do it when they return to school, but he won't be there since we'll be in Memphis. He'll miss his birthday snack and Valentine party. What a bummer!! Totally stinks!!

So, there better be some flakes today to make all this worth it.

I'm thinking about doing a year in the life of Cole and taking a picture a day until he turns ten. I always want to do the photo a day thing but just forget. Or I decide there isn't anything interesting enough in my day to day life to take a picture of. Maybe I'll just do Cole - I mean, he IS pretty interesting and quite entertaining (when he wants to be).


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g said...

OK so did it snow? LOL! my inlaws got snowed in in MD.
take pics- i wanna see!
i nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award- the deets are on my blog- i know it can be lots of work to sometimes deal with the awards- so just know that I thought of you as one of my very top fave inspo blogs and you are welcome to post the award on your blog!


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