Friday, January 8, 2010

So much for the Snow Day

So, nothing impressive about the day yesterday, at least in the world of snow. Now, last night was another story!! Roll Tide!! The game was great. I mean, I hate that Colt was out so early in the game, that's terrible. But, I'm glad we pulled out a win. I can't imagine being a senior and this being my last game, the championship game - and I'm out. He handled it with grace though and I was glad to see him back on the sidelines participating in the game - cheering on his team mates and being present for them, even though he had to be heartbroken inside that he wasn't playing.

It seems like it's been so long since Alabama has been on top - well, 17 years, right? It's great. Very exciting!! I'll be sporting my BAMA shirt today for sure!! And I'm sure I won't be the only one! Cole went to school decked out in BAMA gear, too.

Now, tomorrow is a day I'm not excited about at all!! I was, way back before I realized how COLD it was going to be. Tomorrow is the Red Nose Run for the Ronald McDonald House here in Birmingham. It starts at 7am, so the set up of the water tables and finish line has to start around 5am. At 5am it's going to be 19 degrees, but feel like 9!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! Seriously? I need to find lots of layers to put on in the morning!! We'll be setting up the barricades for the finish line and then standing on the course and directing the 10 milers and 5 milers to the right finish lines! CRAZY STUFF!! It's all worth it - we love helping the Ronald!! It's just going to be so dang cold. I sure wish I could help them more from inside! But, we will survive!! I'm thinking about handwarmers - in my boots, and about ten layers of shirts, some tights, leggings, and under armor!! Brrrrr.

Okay - off to accomplish a few things before school gets out - a late start to the day means a short day for mom!! Hope you guys (is anyone still out there??) stay warm and enjoy your day!!


2 comments: said...

Stay warm tomorrow! Remember it's for a good cause. :)

Brooklyn said...

Roll Tide Lisa! Love your blog! So glad I found it, and can't wait to dig in. Glad we got some flurries today even if it didn't stick. It was pretty atleast. Check ya later! Brook Thompson


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