Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Well, it's snowing here - but just barely. I do hope we have some accumulation - just to make the snow day, and missing work, worth it!! Right now, there are some big flakes falling and Cole is excited. I was happy that it was going to snow since he's excited about it. He wants to go out and make a snowman, snow angels, and have a snowball fight. I'm assuming we won't get that much snow, though. But, the last two times it snowed, he wasn't interested at all!! Last year, didn't step outside in the snow and the year before, made it about 3 minutes and wanted to go back inside and watch tv.

So, hopefully we'll have a good bit - enough to take some fun pictures, at least!! I have a million things I could be doing with the day off, but just sort of want to hang out with my kid. Unfortunately, he just wants to watch tv and play (not with me). I'm hoping we can play the Wii in a bit - it's usually hard for him to say no to that.

Tons of crafty projects in my mind, but little to no crafting is occuring. Maybe this weekend I'll get some things finished. I will be making cards for St. Jude!! But, I'm also hoping that I can finish up some things I've already started on. I have two wreaths - one is 1/3 finished and one is 90% done. I have some canvases I wanted to paint. Haven't even touched the Christmas mini album I've started. Ordered prints for some layouts though - so maybe they'll show up soon and I'll actually scrapbook. There's a Guest DT Call I wanted to submit for, but my procrastinating has prevented me from actually doing it. Two days left - so maybe I'll get around to it, but, you know............there's snow maybe not!!

Off to do some laundry and dishes - clean up a bit for the big game tonight!! Roll Tide!!


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