Thursday, February 5, 2009

Want to win a free spot to the next Scrap Etc event?

Well, you can't win one here - but I know where you can!! Go check out Gretchen's blog - she is teaching at the Scrap Etc Event Wishful Thinking. It's April 30th through May 2nd and it is sure to be a fabulous time. I'm on the event team and LOVE that I get to see peeks at things and here about stuff before it happens. I love going to the events and getting to meet people, reconnecting with people I haven't seen in a while (last even I saw two people I hadn't seen in over ten years - how cool is that?) and just hanging out with all the girls.

So, basically I'm here to tell you - it's tons of fun!!! So no matter where you live - my Mobile friends and my London friend - go look at Gretchen's blog and leave a comment - maybe you'll win the spot!!

Are you still here? GO!!



erin said...

hi lisa,
it's your fellow kenny chesney fan here:)
thanks for coming over to MLS.
have a happy scrappin weekend!

Michelle said...

Ok, girlie. My name is in the hat. *crosses fingers* I hope I win. Would love to go!


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