Friday, February 6, 2009

Matt Nathanson or Scrap Etc Event

Two of my favorite things.

Scrapbooking with awesome girls at the Wishful Thinking Event from Scrap Etc.

Matt Nathanson.

What do these two things have in common?


What's a lovestuck girl to do??

I got so excited. I got my Matt email telling me about the spring tour. I was ready to tell Jason I would give up going to see Kenny Chesney for the 6th time (shocker, I know) if we could just go see Matt in Atlanta. I was ready to BEG!!

Then I saw the date.

And I'll already be in Atlanta.

But I'll be working the event.

The only other girl I know that loves Matt is Katie. And I thought to myself - hey, maybe she would sneak out of the event with me for some Matt love. Then I remembered that someone said she may not be going - busy time at work or something like that.

So, now I'm bummed, again!


I mean, there is no one else I would give up a Kenny concert for - NO ONE!! And seriously, the last event in Nashville - there was a Kenny look alike in the bar in the hotel and some of the girls at the event came to tell me about seeing Kenny. So you know it's a big deal when people I had just met for the first time in real life already knew about my Kenny obsession. I mean, I wore boots the first day in Nashville because it was Nashville. I checked Kenny's concert schedule to see if he was in town - he wasn't, sadly. ALL THIS LOVE for Kenny and I'm willing to not go to a concert of his - which is here in B'ham the week after the event.

Oh the stress!!

(Dad, I know you are totally rolling your eyes at me - that's okay. At least it's not 90210!!)




Michelle said...

Excuse me? What do you mean the only other girl you know that loves Matt is Katie? I mean, I will be back then.

3QTGUYS said...

I say, I bet you can sweet talk that Lucy into letting you sneak out a bit! I would think she might just go with you! hahahaha

Let's see....

Jenni Bowlin or Matt?...
Elizabeth Karchner or Matt?
Margie Romney-Aslett or Matt?
Gretchen McElveen or Matt? for sure.....Gretchen! hahaha

Well, sorry, maybe I really did not help at all!


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