Friday, February 13, 2009

St Jude and the Bull

So yesterday and today was the radiothon for St Jude that 102.5 the Bull holds each years. We got to the station around 4:30 or so and got to see the phones being manned and we saw a fellow St. Jude mom, as well. We went into the studio and met Dollar Bill and Madison. Cole had his picture made with all the gang there. He was very polite!! Shaking hands and all that. It was cute. Anyway, Jason talked for a little while and then we left!

We always feel like this is something we just have to do - we have to try to help!! Anyway - you can go to 102.5 the Bull - click on "view gallery" under the "St. Jude Radiothon" and you'll see pictures! We're close to the end.

Did anyone hear Jason and Cole? If you did, let me know. Of course, we couldn't hear it since we were in the studio!!



HoweverAlthough said...

Lisa - have I told you lately that I love you? I do. Are you coming to the carousel class Fri. night? I hope so. I need a Lisa fix.

3QTGUYS said...

Hey, I did not hear you, but I did not know to listen.

I hope they raised tons of $$$

Lucy said...

How cute is Cole? I love those pictures of him!! He has such a contagious, fun personality!! I hope you can get copies of them to scrapbook!!!


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