Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank Goodness it's Friday

I am so ready for March to be over. It was a good month - don't get me wrong - but a busy one!! I'm really pooped and so ready for my house to be in order and it's still not there. Still lots to unpack but it's things that I just can't unpack yet.

I did get some quality scrapping time last night. I worked on my ATC's for the fairytale/children's story swap I'm in at SIStv. I'm doing the Poky Little Puppy. My cards are nothing fantastic - it seems like every swap I've been in - the cards are close to the same. Some patterned paper or a picture - some type of journaling - my name and info - and some ribbon and a button. I mean, I've done several of these - and they all have these things on them!! I need to try something new, huh?

I've got two layouts planned that I want to get done this weekend. Some cards I want to make too. More ATC's as well. I hope there is enough time to do it all!!!

I have a gajillion errands to run this afternoon. I need to check the mail at our apartment and pick up our satelite boxes, which we have to mail back because they expect you to sit around and wait for them to come by - one of those 12 to 6 things - and I just cannot do that - will not do that. So I'll being paying postage instead I guess. I have to go to Walmart - isn't that always on the to-do list. I have to go by the post office (but that may wait until tomorrow and I can mail it from home if I have stamps). I have to go by the scrapbook store and drop something off and hopefully swing picking something up - like the new Basic Grey paper - if it's there and in the system already!! Crossing my fingers for that!! I also have books to drop off at the library.

And Cole has been promised a trip to Toys 4 Us (that's what he calls it) to look for the Flyboat. The Easter Bunny couldn't locate one in time for Easter so we're still looking. The Wonderpets are really worried because they can't go on any rescues until they have their flyboat. This morning, the Wonderpets were hanging out on the couch (looking rather lost without the flyboat) hanging out with Uniqua, Tyrone and Pablo (from the Backyardigans) and they decided they would all be Rock Stars. It was rather entertaining listening to them ROCK OUT! I know I must have the funniest kid in the world!!

Yesterday he told me he really likes cloudy days. We were walking to the car after school and I was so excited that it was such a nice day - warm, sunny - perfect temperature and a nice breeze. He just said it was too bright and he likes it cloudy and that a cloudy day is the perfect day. I wish I'd had paper to write down exactly what he said so I could - of course - scrapbook it. Today is rather cloudy, so maybe he'll tell me why it's his favorite on our way to the car again.

Well, that's enough from me. I'm stalking the Scrap Etc. Blog today while they have some fun posting contests and giveaways in honor of the big event that is coming up. I can't wait for that. They are currently giving away a Bind It All - which I want so very badly. I could do so much with it - besides making mini albums - I'm thinking of all the things I could do with it in my classroom. The room I'm in now has this cool alphabet thing that has big triangles, that stand on their own. On the top of each one is this binding stuff just like the bind it all and it has vowels on two and consonants on two - so you can flip the letters over to spell different things. I would love to make one for home - Cole plays with it every single afternoon before we head home. There are tons of other flash card type things I could make too - so cool. This is just another thing on my list - things I need and want - it's a long list huh?

Ok - really that's enough!


Michelle said...

Ok, Cole with the Wonderpets and Backyardigans is too cute!! I like to see kids play that way. And it's good to hear that he does. I was beginning to think that my kids were just immature, but the more I think about it, I think they make their kids grow up too fast over here.

gimmegodiva said...

So did you get the bind it all? I think I need one for when I teach again..... great idea, and it can be an educators expense on taxes!!!! Oh- Got my charms- thanks so much for heading it all up! And sorry mine weren't in ind. bags.... I missed that part!!! And - we now have 6 in the room!!!!! Adrienne is joining us!!! how fun!


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