Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Funday is Upon Us

Yes, it's Friday Funday in my classroom today and right now - I'm alone. There's no one here. I have a little break in the mornings and it's going to end any moment now. But, I thought I would update quickly since it's been a week. I would love to be more blogger-ish and update every day but I just can't seem to make it a priority yet. Maybe next week during spring break, it'll be easier. And maybe I'll actually do the photo a day I've been planning for the whole year and still haven't really tackled with full force!!

So today we are coloring and playing math games and visiting cool educational sites on the computers. Fun stuff. I was so excited yesterday. I went upstairs to pick up some of my students. One said 'YEAH' when she saw me - that's wonderful - and hasn't happened until then. It's nice to be greated so wonderfully! Then she ran to me and hugged me! AWEsome! Then another mentioned to a teacher that she wanted to talk to the principal herself to tell her to hire me full time. Sounds good to me! I told the teacher to tell the student to go right ahead. :) It's so nice to be in a classroom again and being productive.

Now the downside is I'm slacking in so many other areas. Jason works full time and goes to school full time, so essentially he has two full time jobs. Well, I do too, really. I'm here teaching full time and then have to do everything at home. The bad things is everything at home tends to take up more hours than there are left in the day. Cole has homework, he has to eat dinner (most of the time) and have a bath (why is that) and a bedtime story and someone has to lay down with him too!! That someone is usually me during the week. So all those things take up more time and are really more fun that washing clothes and dishes. So dishes haven't really been done much lately and neither has the laundry. I'm hoping to get it all under control during spring break.

I've been working on pulling material, printing things online, etc. - getting ready to teach Cole this summer. We'll have an IEP meeting in late April and I'm hoping that will guide me to what I need to work on at home. In the meantime, I'm just looking for anything that will reinforce what he's learned so far and then build on that to get a head start on second grade. We're moving soon so he'll be zoned for a different school. I would love to just get hired here so it wouldn't be an issue, (that's what I'm hoping for) but just in case that doesn't happen, I've talked with the principal to make sure Cole can still attend here and he can. Some paper work is involved but she said it was not a problem. That's a relief. He's in a great school and I know he's getting the best here. We're already planning our summer - how we'll 'play' school each day. I think as it gets closer, I'm going to check around in some thrift stores, consignment shops and see if I can find on old school desk. How fun would that be?

Ok, the silence is scheduled to end soon, so I should run.

I'm hoping I'll have some fun pictures to post next week - a good productive spring break is right around the corner - just a few more hours!!!


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