Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kenny Chesney!

Just have to get that out of the way - (you know, in case he stops by and reads my blog today) and tell Kenny Happy Birthday!!! He's forty today - can you believe it? He sure doesn't look it, or is it just because I'm older too and I don't see 'age' anymore unless your like really young and you have that hair cut where its all in your eyes and I just want to take scissors and cut your bangs? Well, Kenny doesn't have that problem at all - he has no hair! And he still looks just fine to me. I've talked about my Kenny obsession here many times and it's really not all about the looks - I promise, really it's not. I love his music - no matter how many times I play a cd over and over, it's still good - great actually. I love the music blaring in the car with the windows down. That rarely happens since Cole would get blown away in the back seat and tell me it's too loud. But I enjoy it anyway I can get it - love it!!!

Ok - enough gushing on and on about Kenny Chesney. Well, it's not enough for me, but I'm sure YOU'VE read enough.

So, spring break is over and school is back in. I was actually very glad to come back to school and rest!! :) No, I don't nap at my desk or anything like that. We just had a busy spring break. We moved. Yep - we moved into a big giant house that's much bigger than the apartment was. And we really thought the apartment was huge. Well, we were wrong!! :) We now how a larger playroom for Cole that also has a desk area for us with a tv for him to watch. He doesn't hang out in there much yet, but I think he will eventually. We have a seperate living room that has NO TOYS IN IT! Well, most of the time anyway. That was Jason's rule since Cole has a giant toy room and his own bedroom - why should there by toys in the living room. So before Jason comes home from school and work each day, we pick up any random toys that have found their way into the living room to watch Noggin.

The best part about moving, besides the nice big house and cheaper rent - I HAVE A STUDIO!!! One whole room dedicated to nothing except ME!! Scrapbooking, crafting - whatever I want to do is there in my STUDIO. It's full of furniture and has lots of shelving for me to store everything (although it isn't all unpacked yet) and I have a tv and stereo in there (with kenny cd's of course), too. All I need is about a million dollars to buy more supplies. Ok, not really, but $100 to get the new Bind It All would be nice, and then I'd need a bunch of chipboard to make albums and all that fun stuff.

Anyway, we had a very busy week and still don't have everything taken care of at home. Lots of things to unpack - my kitchen is still in boxes due to a little bug problem left behind from the previous tenants. THEN - I almost forgot this - the neighbors daughter backed into my car. My car was simply parked in the front of the house - not really in her way at all. But she was talking on her phone I think, and backed up - right into my van. The van that isn't even a year old! The van that doesn't even have a ding or scratch anywhere except a small chip in the window from a rock. They got our numbers, didn't want to fill a report because it seems she hits lots of things and they don't want her insurance to go up anymore. So they got our neighbors and the dad was going to call. This was Saturday and we haven't heard a word!! The dad walked over to the house Monday and looked at my van in the driveway - without knocking on the door or anything. He was on his cell phone talking to someone about the van and I heard 'about $200 worth of damage' but no knock on my door. Strange!!! Jason says that have until tomorrow and he'll be knocking on their door. They have our home number and Jason's cell number - good grief!! We should have filled a report!!

Anyway - back to school - the kids are on the way in. So i've got to run and go educate!! :) I love teaching!



Lori said...

You know I'm with ya girl!!! Happy Birthday Kenny!!!

So cool that you have a studio now!!! Can't wait to see photos!!

Sorry about your van!!

Lisa said...

Congrats on the new house! I'm sure you will have tons of fun in your new space. Don't forget to share with photos :)

Jules said...

Congrats ont eh new space! How fun!

HoweverAlthough said...

Hey Lisa! I can't wait to see pics of your studio. I'm very jealous. And Happy Anniversary to you, too. I need to show you my One Fine Day album about the honeymoon - I finally finished it. Did you get the wedding pics in your album yet?
I'm a Kenny fan, too, and I have a story for you about him if you will remind me sometime.
Later. ;)


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