Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Nope - not yet. But I'm waiting, impatiently for it to arrive. I spent a little bit more time in my studio yesterday but not nearly enough. Too many other errands to deal with. I'll be back in there today though and hopefully will get it at least neat enough for me to work on some ATC's this weekend. I am currently in 5 swaps!! YES - 5. Not to mention the 10+ charm bracelets I need to have assembled by April 15th!! Good Grief. So as soon as the studio is livable and workable, I need to deal with the bracelets, then the cards? I don't know. I want to do it all. I'm doing a swap about Fairytales and Children's books - right up my alley!! I'm doing my favorite children's book ever - The Poky Little Puppy. I used to have this on a read along 45 - you know those vinyl things that you only find in thrift shops these days. I can't wait to get to work on this one. I love that little puppy!!! Then I'm doing two swaps where Kenny is involved, imagine that! And another is also a children's theme so my little puppy will get used for two swaps, too. Then the last one is a swap I started at SIStv and it started out as a teen crush thing because I'm obsessed with old school teen drama's - not Saved by the Bell drama but 90210 and Dawson's Creek and things like that - ok those are the only two. I do love Party of Five, but it isn't shown anywhere in reruns, sadly. And only two seasons have been released on DVD - which I have already. Anyway - I'm doing ATC's with Joshua Jackson. He played Pacey on Dawson's Creek. Not sure why I love him so - maybe it's just as simple as his good looks and how the younger Pacey reminds me of the younger Jason :) or maybe it's because he was always the under dog in the show but ends up with the girl in the end. The girl being Katie Holmes who was way more normal back in the Dawson days. I worry a bit about her now. Tom Cruise = Nutso!! Anyway, I have so many things I want to work on, so many layouts in my head that so need to be on paper. I have sketches on sticky notes - things that randomly come to mind during the day at work and I just have to write down before I forget - hence the sticky notes!! So maybe this weekend, I'll get some crafting time. Jason has to work Saturday morning for a few hours, so I'm hoping that will be MY time!! Then he'll have homework - again, more my time!!

We are hopefully going to a cookout Sunday evening for the small group I've been attending from church. If Jason gets enough homework done, we can make the cookout!! I'm hoping it happens - the people in the group are fun and I would love for Jason to get to meet them since he never gets to go with me to our meetings. I'm also counting down to summer for several reasons - first no school so me and Cole will have lots of time together at home. This means lots of scrapping time for me, lots of cartoons for him and a bit of summer school. Cole thinks we'll be 'playing school' every day!! :) fun stuff! And Jason won't be in school, so he'll be home at night all the time instead of just four nights a week. Cole misses him so much. I do too, of course, but I understand why he has to be gone. Cole just doesn't get it. Summer also means less homework for Jason since no school, which means more time he can spend with us, going to small group, church, etc - the things that are important to me.

I'm also hoping I can get Cole enrolled in something fun at the McWane Center or at the very least just spend a lot of time there. I would like to buy a membership and go A LOT. Cole loves it and it's really so big that we could go every day for a week before Cole actually got to everything.

Ok - that's about enough rambling from me. OH - Mandy asked if I finished my One Fine Day album that the wonderful Virginia taught at Scrap Etc. I haven't. I haven't done anything with my photos yet - but I want to so badly. It's on my list. I hate not having a completed album!!! So hopefully after the Scrap Etc. Event, I'll be able to get my wedding photos scanned and print a few and finish my album. I've already decided on a few pictures that I have to have in there - so that's an accomplishment. And Mandy - you mentioned a Kenny story - HELLO - spill it girl - you know I love him more than scrapbook supplies - and that's saying A LOT!!

Ok - one more thing - Cole watched a little of American Idol with me last night - he usually doesn't care about it until the end and I think really he just gives in at that point and still doesn't really care. Anyway, he watched last night and was actually moved to tears that Chikeze was sent home. He cried!!! He didn't want him to lose. Now, it's not because he's watched him everyweek and loves his voice - he just doesn't ever want anyone to lose - well, unless it means he wins. So I tried to explain to him that it was ok, it's like a game and the person with the fewest votes goes back home, but they are ok with it - since they get to see their family again. That just made him even more sad. Poor sweet thing. He's so sad for people when they don't get their way!! He fell asleep last night with tears in his eyes for Chikeze. Sad sad!! He loved American Idol last year because he thought Blake Lewis was awesome and loved to sing along with him - and he can beat box pretty well too!! :) I told him we could watch next week together and he could call and vote and hopefully he's pick won't get sent home. I would love for him to get more into this since there's no one else home with me to watch it - but if he cries for the loser each week - it's not worth it. I figure we'll give it another week with me encouraging him to watch and if it's too much for him, I'll just keep Spongebob on in his room and all will be happy again!!

Oh - and I'm hoping that Trace Adkins is THE man tonight and wins the Apprentice!!



Maggie Lamarre said...

aww he cried uh.. I've not heard of that book, I can't wait to see your atc..Have a great day,

Jessica Turner said...

yes, we are collecting donations this year. Mo included it in the last eblast. :)


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