Friday, January 4, 2008

Photo of the Day - my start

Well, I wanted to post my resolutions and my thoughts about the last year, and this new year. But, I haven't exactly figured it all out yet. So instead, I'm starting the whole Photo of the Day thing and so far, I have a picture from the first three days of the year. I'm going to try to post them daily, but it may not happen!! We have big plans this weekend, so I'm sure we'll have great photos from that! Jason's brother, sister in law and nephew are coming and we're heading to Tuscaloose tomorrow for some sight seeing - lots of photo ops at the University of Alabama campus!!

So here's photo number 1 - from the first. Cole was climbing under the dining room table - playing around.

And from the 2nd of January - cookies I baked, thinking it would be a fun night - movies, milk and cookies, snuggled in the bed - the three of us. Cole took one bite and said 'I like regular cookies, Mommy!'

And the 3rd of January - me in the place I seem to be the most - the laundry room!! Jason caught me turning on the washer - hair in pigtails!! Thanks, honey!!

later, l

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