Monday, January 7, 2008

Catching up!!

So I've finally done a layout - my first in two months I think, or close to two at least. So here's my first layout of 2008. Jason likes the picture but said his head is cut off - well that's what you get when you put the camera on top of the entertainment center and use the timer!! :) Hmm, I think I need to scan it - this isn't a great shot.....

And this is a little check off calendar thingy for Cole - we made a deal about trying new foods - so we're keeping up with it here:

And here are my photos for the last few days:

a Waterford Crystal Bear Bryant Hat

Cole saying 'Good Grief' when Ella Claire tried to poke him in the nose!!

That's all i've got - thanks for looking!!



gimmegodiva said...

Great Lo, and the pic of Cole is priceless... I can hear him saying that!!

Lisa said...

Sweet layout! Ok, I just had to see if you had a blog seeing that we have the same first name and birthday! So funny.


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