Monday, January 21, 2008

Photo of the day Catch Up

I've really wanted to take a picture every day so far this year - but it just hasn't happened. It's happened a lot though - so I'm going to post what I can today and swear to do better tomorrow (and every day after).

This was taken on the 10th - Cole was just being crazy and actually tried to hide when I got the camera out!

Friday, January 11th - one of the MANY pictures of Cole playing with his 'tendo ds'!!

Saturday the 12th, this was taken with my self timer option.

Monday, the 14th - my altered suitcase.

This was from Tuesday the 15th.

This was taken Saturday outside the back door entering into our building.

This was also taken Saturday, before the snow really starting coming down. I seemed to have gotten the fuzzy background, object in focus thing on this one, but i'm not really sure how!! :)

And this is from today - and a little blurry - but his little kissy face is really cute so I just couldn't help it!!

Thanks for looking!

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