Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm good again!

Not that I was ever BAD - but my blog was behaving badly. I just couldn't shake that pesky Happy Holiday's banner. It's all valentiney now! Yeah!

So I got to crop this weekend and did a total of 22 pages, finished a mini album, punched out about a gajillion Mickey Mouse heads, and got some nice chick time in! It was nice to work a little and visit with the other girls. Very Nice! And wow, 22 pages was HUGE - seeing how I have only done one page so far this year before this weekend. I haven't scanned any of my pages yet, but I will. Maybe this weekend. I'm adjusting to being busy with subbing, laundry, dishwashing, homework (cole's, not mine), trying to get to church more - lots of stuff going on. I've been out of this working all the time, trying to balance real life and raising a kid at the same time thing. I mean I haven't had a full time job since Cole was born, although I don't really have one now either, but any time I'm working three times in a week I get a little crazy. Add to that a few things to do in the evening other than veg out in front of the tv and I'm at a loss for what to do when. So I get up early and tip toe around while the boys sleep, empty the dishwasher, wash some clothes, etc - and in the afternoons I do the same things - again. I guess when it's something you do every day you get used to it. But subbing is random, you never know when you'll get called and you never know if you'll work the next day so you just have to plan ahead. Planning ahead is great really, I love the idea of it, but executing it isn't always my strong suite!

Anyway on to other things - we finally got a new set of glasses - remember in the survey the other day I mentioned always drinking out of plastic because I have strong dislike for our glasses - well we've been looking in many places trying to find a new set we both like - something that's big enough for jason and cute enough for me. We had a hard time agreeing, but finally at Walmart we found a set that we both agreed on - so now we own new glasses. The others were wedding gifts and about 8 years old. It was time to move on.

On the same shopping trip we bought a new printer. It'll print pictures, regular printing is quicker than our old printer and it scans, copies, reads memory cards - all that fun stuff. The best part - are you ready? It's wireless!! So now Jason can print from the laptop without having to email himself his homework, kick me off my computer to pull it up and then print it and then realize he messed something up and needs to redo something leaving me to wait and wait to get back on the computer. So we're happy campers. New printer that fits both our needs, new glasses we agreed on - what more do you need in life?

Ok - remember all that busy stuff - well it's time to get back to it. I've gotta run and get my clothes for tomorrow ready (i'll be in the fourth grade) and get Cole's clothes ready (he's still in first) and then get my clothes for Thursday ready because I won't be home tomorrow night. or tonight either. Cole is going to play with his little girlfriends tonight and we're going to church tomorrow night. THis is our first Wednesday night visit and I'm hesitant. It starts at 7 which means we'll be heading home around 8:30 and i'm certain cole will fall asleep in the car at some point and that stinks. I'm hoping instead, he'll fall asleep in the car on the way home from school, take a little 15 minute nape and be good to go for church. We'll see what happens. I just can't really get enough of this church, so we're going to give it a try. Plus Monique has to sit by herself on Wednesday night and I just can't let her do that!! :)

ok - the dryer just beeped, gotta go fold more clothes! yippee



Jody said...

Lisa~ How awesome is that! 22 pages!! You rock. So glad you had a great weekend. Happy subbing and balancing life. And folding warm laundry too. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, you need to share your layouts, especially the Valentine one of Cole - very cute! Also, what kind of printer did you get? That sounds like what we're looking for (all in one, wireless). Good chatting with you last weekend.

HoweverAlthough said...

are you freakin' kidding me??? 22 pages??? seriously? OK, I'm a loser.
I love your new banner!


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