Saturday, December 29, 2007

The best of 2007

Well, I was over at SIStv message board and Bernadette shared with us her top ten layouts of the year. So I want to do the same!! Here ya go!!

This first one was something really simple, but I loved it. Here's the journaling: There's a running joke in our family. Everything you do 'cute' your dad did - when he was your age. At least that's what MawMaw says. You are a lot like your daddy but once in a while you do something that is 100%, without a doubt - ME! Something I did when I was a child. I, too, loved chasing raindrops on windows.

And the best thing about this one is that Jody picked this layout for the catwalk over at SIStv!!

This layout was done for a challenge at the Scrap Etc. Message Board posted by Shelley and it was about this quote from a book: "Maybe happiness didn't have to be about the big, sweeping circumstances, about having everything in your life in place.... Maybe it was about stringing together a bunch of small pleasures."

It really hit a note with me about all the small pleasures in our life. The quote is in the top right corner and the bottom is my journaling - it reads: Our small pleasures aren't the usual ones. For us, it's an even smile, pants that are just the right length, a nap with both eyes closed, anytime you jump, hop or run, and especially when you make faces.

This is probably my favorite of the whole year!!! Love it! It's hanging on a clipboard in Cole's room right now!!

This layout was something I really just threw together with not much thought. I had received the lovely tags, ribbon and rubons from a SIS at SIStv - I won Bingo one month :) and loved my goods so played with them the same day they came in the mail. I love this one because it shows Cole doing things that once were a struggle - things he wouldn't do alone. The idea was if I blink, he'll be grown and I feel like I'll miss everything important!! The title was inspired by Kenny Chesney's "Don't Blink" - love it!!

This layout was done for a Challenge Jody posted at SIStv and I believe it was to scrap something the photo doesn't tell you. Here's my journaling (the best part): So here's my journaling: This may look like a typical kid watching TV without a shirt on. It's not. There is nothing typical about my son. He is remarkable, so intelligent, really funny, super sweet and very loving. He is also a survivor. A cancer survivor. These 'love handles' aren't from too many cookies and not enough activity. They're from being growth hormone deficient. He isn't growing taller. His feet have been the same size for over two years. Another side effect of not being typical. Thank Gd (& St. Jude) it's fixable. He begins treatment in about a month. My brave-not-typical son.

This was also for a challenge - it was to scraplift something in the gallery at The Paper Place Scrapbooking Community where I'm on the DT. The layout I lifted was all pink and girly and I loved it - so I think I did a pretty good job boy-ing it up!!

This layout was done when I tried out for the DT at The Paper Place. The journaling reads......"Cole~ It's no secret that I'm a Kenny Chesney fan. When you were really sick, his music was special to me. "Somewhere In The Sun" became my dream. One day I wanted to see you somewhere in the sun, toes in the sand. Those dreams got me through each day. Today here you are.... toes in the sand, having fun....finally!!! "Somewhere In The Sun."I 'heart' U, Mommy"

This was the first layout I did this year!! The picture was just luck and you can't even see how great it is on the scan. Anyway, this was for a challenge at Scrap Etc. We had to use 5 patterned papers, two cardstocks - one with a torn edge, three buttons, one flower, one rhinestone, one tag, staples, some painting, a rubon and a stamp - with a black and white picture. I really loved this layout!!

Okay three more to go......

A terrible scan, but a cool layout - I think. This was my first ever Hambly Rubon! This picture was taken in Disney World and Cole was decked out in his pirate gear. His little snarl was perfect!! I just love the happiness this reminds me of - you know, the Happiest Place on Earth!!

This was just a fun one - loved all the buttons and the monkey card. I think I had only used one or two buttons on a layout before - I really used all the yellow buttons I had on this one, I think!! :)

And lastly - but not least by any means:

I did this one for my SOY entry. I just loved the picture of me and Cole together - it was taken on such a great day!!!

And that's it - it was really hard to pick and looking back, most of the things I like the best are from challenges and honestly, I've been slacking on the challenges lately!! I haven't done any layouts since November and only did a few then. I seem to have lost my MOJO a little with all the Christmas stuff I made I guess. I don't know. There's a weekend crop retreat coming up at the end of January though, and I'm hoping to get some stuff done then!! :)
Thanks for looking!! If you posted your top ten layouts - leave me a link! I'd love to see your picks!!



Vicki said...

Love these..especially the "action shot" layout.
Thanks for the inspiration!!

Starlight said...

Awesome top ten!
Thanks for showing us your favs:)

Chemo Mom Tammy said...

You know I actually remembered seeing some of those before!!! I really liked the raindrops, the buttons is really cute, and I like all the stuff on Don't Blink (I bet I know who sings that!) :D
I just wish I could journal like you, just little bits here and there, or have your cool handwriting....argh! I miss you!!!


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