Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gift wrap, last minute shopping and more

It's almost that time. The wrapping time. I have started wrapping presents and have made a good dent but skipped the things that weren't too easy - the things I needed a box for and the things that need to go in bags. I bought a few boxes and found my bags that I picked up for 90% off at Hobby Lobby last Christmas and bought tissue paper too, so I'm ready to go - I just seem to keep stalling. I used to work in a department store in the 'gift wrap' department. I absolutely loved wrapping presents - I took real pride in wrapping a gift well - quickly and with no wrinkles or any visible tape!! I got really really good. Then I just quit! Not my job, although I did get promoted, I just quit wrapping my gifts with so much effort. It just ended up in shreds on the floor anyway. I mean I did big bows, things hanging off the bows, perfect tags - all of that stuff. Now my tags are index cards cut in half (no lines of course) written with a red sharpie and gift wrap purchased from Cole's fundraiser and that's it - oh sometimes there's ribbon, but not always. I don't know why I don't fancy them up anymore, but I just don't have it in me.

I have two more presents to buy besides some last minute changes in the Santa department. One I can't buy until Tuesday when it's actually released. I'll be so glad when it's all done. Nothing else to worry about and no more long lines or impatient people in those lines!! I've done retail for so long that I just know what that sales person feels like and I'm pleasant and nice and sweet and I don't gripe about being in line, or in traffic, or in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's just so much easier to be nice - smile to people, let them over in traffic, say Merry Christmas!! In church, we've talked about paying it forward. They've given out cards for us to give out when we do something nice, like pay for someone's coffee in the drive thru behind us. Pastor Chris talked about how this one card made it through 8 cars in the drive thru. Everyone kept paying for the person behind them. Isn't that wonderful?? I wonder who that last person was and why they didn't do the same - I at least hope they kept the card and paid it forward in a bigger way for someone!! I wish I had the money to do that everywhere I went. It's in my heart to do, just not my wallet. One day though - when we hit the lottery - I'll pay for the people behind me at Starbucks - definitely!!

I've been finishing up projects, starting new ones and just making a mess in general. I tore through the guest room closet a few weeks ago looking for gift bags - there's still a mess in there. I have a table in our bedroom covered up in scrap stuff for a journal I'm in the middle of making. The bar area in the kitchen just got cleaned off last night and now I've got a smaller mess on it again. This time of year things are just nuts I guess - too much going on. I do enjoy it though and love doing things for others - making things! I love that!

Well, speaking of doing things for others, Cole is requesting his fourth cup of milk, so I'm off to give the boy some more calcium!! He needs it for those growing bones!!

Merry Christmas!!

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