Friday, November 30, 2007

Back in the saddle again.....

So today was my first day subbing at Cole's school. YEAH. It was a super easy day actually, almost too easy. The first half of the day I spent in a kindergarten room but there was a student teacher (oh do i remember those days) and she did everything which left me feeling helpless - but that's ok. Then I spent the afternoon with the fourth grade which was like going home. A great class!!! A few things I wasn't used to - but that's ok, I can adapt easily!! I'll be back there next week as well and I'll be in the PTO sponsored Holiday Shoppe for a while on Tuesday as well. So the more I'm seen at the school, the better I guess. I like being involved and so need a job!!!

On to other things - I have so much scrapping I want to do - it's ridiculous!!! SERIOUSLY!! I have pictures waiting, I have projects waiting!!! Oh I just wish I was motivated. I also have tons and tons of wrapping to get done. Geez - December is always crazy isn't it? Wacked out kind of crazy!!

While I was at Cole's school today someone stopped me to ask about donating to St. Jude. I love when I can spread their message and people give because of that!! This was someone wanting to give anyway, not just because of talking to me, and just wanted to know the best way to do it. So, oh course, I pointed her in teh direction of the website and she'll be giving!! YEAH - the cool thing is every other year, she doesn't get to see parts of her family for Christmas and during that time they make a donation to a charity instead of buying a gift and mailing it. What a wonderful idea huh? So maybe this will be something she'll tell others and they will give too! That would be great.

So, while I'm talking about it - you can certainly give too - and I'm making it easy peasy. Just click on that St. Jude logo up there on the screen and donate. I was watching a bit of FoxNews this morning and there was my favorite celebrity - Marlo Thomas, talking about St. Jude. Did you know that most charitable places only have to solicit 9% (I believe) of the money they need to operate from individuals. St. Jude needs to solicit 78% (again, I believe) of the money they need from individuals. So WOW - that's a lot. and 85 cents of each dollar given to them supports a child with cancer - maybe even MY child - so if that isn't a reason to give, I don't know what is. Oh, what - another reason to give - your healthy child :) - give because you've never had to go through countless MRI's, blood and platelet transfusions, needle sticks, oh I could go on forever!! Anyway - just give, if you can. I certainly am not rolling in the dough - so it's hard for us to just give a ton of money, but we do what we can, when we can - another reason why I'm super excited about the small group at church - I found another way to give back or pay it forward, so to speak!!!

Ok, enough already. jason should be home any minute and we officially have nothing in the house to eat or drink except milk and OJ - no Diet Dr Pepper - that's BAD!!!


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