Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous holiday!! The Merriest Christmas of all!!

My brother is in town and my parents are having the whole family over tonight for our traditional Christmas Eve gathering!! I cannot wait! This is the first year we won't be spending the night at their house when it's 'our' turn to be here for the holiday. We get to come home!! That's exciting to me!! I can't wait for Cole to wake up in the morning and see his goodies from Santa!!

I've already received my big goodie, actually OUR goodie. Jason went to Best Buy the other night and checked on the camera I've been drolling over - and there was a great deal - with a bag, extra battery, extra lens - all kinds of goodies and he got it!! So we are the proud owners of a Rebel XTi now!! WOO HOO!!!

And we spent last night at church with my parents and brother. It was fabUlous!!! Loved every single minute - there were carols, ice skaters and snow - AMAZING! And the worst part turned into the best. We thought Cole would just be in childcare like each Sunday but it was only for kids up to 5 years old and he's six, so he had to go in with us. He sat in amazement the whole time, even clapping a bit and oohhhing over the snow and ice skaters! It was a blessing for sure!!

ok - Jason is home from last minute toy shopping - yeah, very last minute - so we're off!!



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