Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WOW oh my goodness!!

OK first, the big news - I have now lost a total of 38.2 pounds. So close to 40 pounds!!! I really wish I could say 40 pounds even!! But, I'll get there. I have 12 more to go to get to my ideal weight, at least what I think my ideal weight is at least. Jeans I've bought recently are now a little big, so that's making me feel great!! The next bit of ego boost happened at the mall today where I went into the same clothing store I've been shopping at (the big girl store Lane Byrant) and got fitted for a new undergarment and they don't have them in my size anymore - that means I'm TOO SMALL TO SHOP THERE!!!! WOO HOO!! So I go to that fancy undergarment store (the one the men drool over when they walk by) and good grief - why are these garments which are so needed for crying out loud, so expensive??? O.M.G. I could purchase a whole outfit for what one stinking bra cost. So I didn't buy one. Oh well.

Now on to some sad news - but it's not about us, someone we know of though. The young girl is a friend of our cousins - her father died over a year ago. He had cancer. Her mom was killed in a car accident on the interstate here yesterday. She has no brothers or sisters - I'm not sure what other family there is. Just keep her in your prayers, her name is Misty. I can't imagine what she could be going through or feeling right now.

I mentioned medicine on my last post and Carol asked who was sick - Cole is sick - always it seems like, this runny nose and slight cough. It's just been hanging on lately and with the weather change I guess that's only making it worse. So he has cough medicine and an antibiotic and he's already better but still coughing a little when he gets hot or worked up (running around the apartment playing tag with his dad). I'm now back on my allergy medicine and it's helping, but again, with the weather getting all wonky on us, I still have some sinus pain - YUCK!

I got called this afternoon to sub tomorrow so now suddenly I'm freaking out. I have to have a class craft project for Cole's class to do on Monday at their holiday party. I'm thinking what I have planned isn't that great, but I don't really have the money to buy more things and don't have the time to come up with anything else really. Racking my brain isn't working at all!! I also have to make some food to take to Mobile with us for the Christmas gathering down there. I have to finish wrapping presents, do some laundry, more and more and more things keep coming to mind and I should be doing them instead of sitting here - but sometimes, I'm just not motivated. I'd rather just chill a bit, especially since my head is hurting a bit and my teeth hurt. Yes, teeth hurting is getting old. I went to the dentist yesterday and they finished cleaning my teeth (they only did one side last time, one this time) and my teeth hurt today and my gums are sore too. I hate the dentist!!!

Ok, I guess I should go do something that needs to be done other than just sitting here playing around on the computer so have a lovely weekend!!!


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