Thursday, November 29, 2007

The best thing ever....

All I can say is WOW - WOW - WOW. Yep, triple WOW. Jason is in school, going to night classes. I've been going to a church here that came highly recommended by Monique and Jer McLean. I've been several times and Cole is going and loves it. Jason went with me once, but will go more when his crazy school schedule lightens up. He really liked it too. And I don't just mean, we sorta like it and will stick around a few weeks and see what's up. I mean, I absolutely HATE when I can't go. If something comes up - like company's in town, or we're out of town - I just get so disappointed that I have to miss. And good grief - don't date tell Cole we aren't going!!! That's a big mistake!!

The one time Jason went with us he saw someone he's in class with. Well, he was talking to her last night in school and she mentioned the church's small groups. They have small groups that meet in different times, different places, etc - and share a common interest (could be a sport, a hobby, whatever, and God of course). So she tells Jason about the small group she's involved in. They go to the Children's Hospital here and spend the third Friday night each month with the kids. They feed them, play games, visit with the ones that can't get out of their room, they do all kinds of things. They do the same things that other people have done for us when we were in those hospital beds. I just couldn't believe it.

So today I called the contact person for this group. She called me back and we had a wonderful talk. She too got involved because of cancer, but it was her mom where for us, it's Cole. I told her just a little about us - how I've been hoping for so long to find a way to give back. I just can't afford to give back financially - but I can give from my heart - I can be there to lend a shoulder, a hand, a hug - all those things that I really have wanted to do for so darn long!!! I just can't believe it.

So, I'm so very excited about this - and wish it was tomorrow night - not four weeks from now!!

I just had to share - because I'm so happy about this!!


Shalay said...

Oh wow, that is amazing! Good for you, I am so glad there are people like you in the world.

*kim* said...

Lisa, I think it is awesome for you to be so excited about getting involved with this.

You are definitely an inspiration!

staceyfike said...

that sounds just awesome!!

Jody said...

One of the verses in the Bible that spoke to me after Teagan died was to the effect of "He comforts those in trouble so they can in turn be comforters". It's so neat for me to see now how many times I feel like I have the 'right words to say" or simply can be a listening ear to other in the midst of life's storms ONLY because I have been through it myself. I think it is wonderful that this opportunity is open for you to be a 'comforter'. You know best how and what people need to hear at this time in their life. It is amazing to me that God can use our pains and hurts when we allow Him to do so. I am happy for you. ANd I hope the next several weeks go quickly for you! May God bless your service to Him through this effort.


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